Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Seasonal Change. . .

As quickly as one would flip on a light switch,
that's just how spontaneously the seasonal decor changes On Crooked Creektt!

Heralding the arrival of Summer On Crooked Creektt
is the appearance of Sunflowers, indoors and out!

Traditional Yellow Sunflowers 
and Russian Red Sunflowers adorn the Entry Hall On Crooked Creektt!

When making styling changes to the console table,
I prefer to begin with a clean tabletop.

In the case of a Seasonal change,
I do a deep cleaning of the candle sconces, 
carpeting, picture frame and the table.

I strategically place the main accessories.

Always, the first item is this vintage counter check holder.
"Mr. Ed" prefers to place the days 'outgoing' mail within the holder
before he carries it down to the mailbox.

come the decor accessories that will enhance the Season or holiday.

Knowing I wanted to feature Sunflowers,
I chose my green pottery jars for the opposite side of the table.

Since I had arranged one of the pottery jars on its side,
a symmetrical arrangement was out of the question.

Not wanting to detract from the heirloom print above the table,
I chose to stack books of similar hues to fill the void.

A petite cloche, atop a wrought iron base,
seem to be a perfect fit between the stacked books and the counter check holder.

Once all the decor accessories were in place,
I began to arrange the Sunflowers within the pottery jars.

A mixture of Russian Red and Traditional Yellow Sunflowers 
for the larger of the two pottery jars. 
However, only Traditional Yellow Sunflowers 
for the smaller pottery jar turned on its side.

Faux succulents are placed within the cloche.

The view as you enter from the Living Room. . .

and the view that greets our family and guests.

Although the day was cloudy and overcast,
I continued throughout our home to add Sunflowers to our decor.

I didn't even mind an early evening torrential down pouring of rain.
Because I know, that the rain On Crooked Creektt
will only bring more of these blooms and eventually prolific blossoms
to our Sunflower Patch!

The first Sunflower blossom of the 2014 Season!

Until next time. . .

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Grey Dey Thursdey. . .Vol. IX

Polished or tarnished???

That is the question. 

Tarnished? ? ?

I recently purchased three pieces of silver flatware
that were tarnished to the point of appearing blackened.

Two are tarnished silver forks,
found within a vignette of tarnished silver pieces
at my local Antique Shop Roadhouse Antiques and Gifts.

I was ever so intrigued 
with the detailing on the reverse side of the silver fork, as well.

While the detailing is still evident in the tarnished forks and spoons,
I couldn't bring myself to leave the silver flatware in that condition.

One tarnished silver spoon.

Ah, here in lies the rub!

Polished? ? ?

While it will always remain a matter of preference,
do tell, how do your prefer yours?

Tarnished. . .

or Polished? ? ?

Polished. . .

or Tarnished? ? ?

I'll take mine polished !

Until next time. . .

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Michelle @ Petite Michelle Louise for 

Grey Dey Thursdey!

It is my wish that you, too, 
will experience the serene and tranquil inspirations 
that only the hue of gray can bring into your life.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Whimsy. . .

I'm thrilled to have accepted 
Kathleen @ Cuisine Kathleen Let's Dish Challenge for June!

Staying true to my Traditional Roots,
I met the challenge of "no china dishes".

Using the enamel splatterware from our camping days,
I kept the color palette of blue, white and buttery soft yellow.

As a centerpiece,
I filled my wooden gray box with two additional place settings.

This assures ease at mealtimes,
should our son and daughter~in~law join us 
for those "spur of the moment" Summertime Cook~outs.

I added the enamel splatterware coffeepot and mugs
for early morning coffee on the deck
or evening strolls around the Gardens On Crooked Creektt.

Blue and white enamel plate rimmed with silver,
soft buttery yellow napkins in a splatter design fabric
gathered at the top with a soft buttery yellow beaded napkin ring
and the matching bowl for a variety of uses are the basis of our place setting.

Everyday Oneida flatware keeps clean~up to a minimum.
Glass tankards atop paper lace doilies 
add ease of cool drinks to accompany our meals.

"Mr. Ed" and I scout for these former "A&W" Frosty Mugs
at local Antique and Flea Markets and our local Goodwill Stores.

Instead of being seated across from one another,
I changed our seating side~by~side 
to allow us both a view of On Crooked Creektt's Gardens 
through the patio doors.

I had hopes for the Shasta Daisies to be in bloom. 

For now, these faux yellow flowers will have to suffice 
in completing our centerpiece.

Summer whimsy,
with a Traditional twist, for carefree dining On Crooked Creektt.

Until next time. . .

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