Monday, April 15, 2019

Nesting Tablescape. . .

Spring has officially arrived On Crooked Creek. . .

Listening to the birds sweetly singing in the trees 

is a refreshing 'rite of Spring' that I look forward to.

Seated at our Dining Room table,
I can watch numerous varieties of birds at the feeder.

Although I've seen no evidence of a bird's nest
within On Crooked Creek's Gardens,
there is always the hope.

For my Nesting Tablescape,
I've arranged a trayscape vignette using my Silver Tea Set,
as the centerpiece.

I've kept the color palette in subtle subdued hues

to mimic a gentle awakening of Spring within On Crooked Creek's Garden.

Taupe linen tablecloth, combined with a vintage white overlay,
new pastel hued stripe place mats and linen fringed napkins
newly purchased from my local Target
add just the correct amount of delicate blend for my Nesting Tablescape.

My everyday Food Network dinnerware
combines harmoniously with nesting Pottery Barn plates
and World Market whimsy cups and saucers.

On Crooked Creek's Dining Room table
celebrates the 'rite of Spring' with a tribute to nesting.

Perhaps, I'll linger a while longer at my Nesting Tablescape, 

with a cup of freshly brewed tea,
and hope for the promise of new life within On Crooked Creek's Garden.

Until next time. . .

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Studio One. . .Spring Bouquet!

Although we received a measurable amount of snow On Crooked Creek,
I'm thinking 'silver~white winters that melt into springs
bringing with them an abundance of Spring Bouquets in Studio One!

So~o~o. . .
while our temperatures wander in the upper 20's
and the flurries swirl around the exterior of our 1970's Ranch Style Home,
I'm on the lower level in my creative space, Studio One,

surrounded by a beautiful assortment of silk flora and greenery.

My first attempt of a Spring bouquet using soft buttery yellows, subtle corals, 
and a vibrant pink combined with soft greenery with white blossoms.

For my second attempt,
I chose to reverse the placement of the soft buttery yellow Gerber daisy
and the subtle coral calla lily.

The third Spring Bouquet,

created similar to the first, has a different selection of faux greenery.
Although the arrangement is nearly identical,
the greenery change keeps this Spring bouquet fresh
while still blending harmoniously with the other two.

I created these three Spring Bouquets within my 7~ inch high white urns.
This is a perfect height for free flowing conversation among my guests.

They will be strategically placed the center length
of two double six foot banquet tables
for an upcoming Spring Luncheon for my Joy Circle.

I'll be using vintage creamy ivory bowls
to fill to the brim with bright orange tangerines.

At the ends of two six foot banquet tables,
I will place two smaller four foot banquet tables, one at each end.

Using my heirloom vintage milk glass bud vases,
I created four smaller Spring Bouquets for the smaller banquet tables.

I kept the same flora,
soft buttery yellow, soft coral calla lily and a buttery yellow
Gerber Daisy or vibrant yellow Rose, just on a much smaller scale.

While the Winter weather prevail,
I did the same and created three muted Spring hue arrangements
for placement on the coffee / dessert table.

I adore the nearly 'blush' hue of these tulips.

I'm quite pleased with these Spring bouquets!

Fast forward several weeks. . .

In years past, our Joy Circle has held an annual Spring Luncheon.

Since I was hostess for the month of March,
I suggested we hold a Spring Luncheon at the Church Parlor.

I purchased four scalloped white paper tablecloths
to covered two six foot and two four foot tables individually,
then pushed them together to configure one banquet table.

The gold rimmed floral scalloped plates,
the 'Let's brunch' scalloped coral paper napkins
and coral plastic stemware were purchased weeks after
I had already made the Spring Bouquets!

At the top of each place setting,
I had randomly placed a packet of herb seed ranging from;
basil, chive garlic, dill, lavender, marjoram, parsley, rosemary, sage and thyme.

I had asked the my Joy Circle Sisters to bring a Rite of Spring to share.
My rite of Spring is our annual visit to the local Garden Centers
to purchase Herbs for On Crooked Creek's Garden.

Soft pink scalloped paper tablecloths were put on the Salad serving tables.
Each member of our Joy Circle brought a salad to share, potluck style.

I love these 'ribbed' hot cups with lids!
No sleeve to hinder when drinking from the lidded cup.

Once the guests arrived, 
we began with a prayer and then filled our plates.

The slices of homemade sheet cake with a butter pecan frosting
was contributed by our co~hostess.

After a short business meeting,
each member and one guest shared their 'Rite of Spring'.

I always enjoy these types of programs,
for it allows us to know more about each of our Sisters in Joy.

Studio One's Spring bouquets have set a lovely, lively,
reawakening Spring color palette 
for my Joy Circle Ladies Spring Luncheon!

Until next time. . .