Friday, February 21, 2020

Touches of Green . . .

Touches of  green are popping up On Crooked Creek!

This past week,
"Mr. Ed" informed me that the Shasta Daisies are poking through
in On Crooked Creek's Heirloom Garden on the South.

Following Mother Nature's lead,
I, too, added some touches of
green to the built~in china cabinet.

I have always loved my Bordallo Pinheiro collected dinnerware pieces.
Placing them within On Crooked Creek's Dining Room built~in cabinet
is a perfect placement for my daily enjoyment.

Since the editing of many of my vintage dishes,
the cabbage pattern with the brown rim remains one of my most favorite.

The subtle hues within my Willow Tree Angel 
is a lovely compliment to my Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage bowls.

The subtle vintage green depression ware oval platter
adds a soft layering touch and enhances the wrought iron wings on the Angel.

Not, in the traditional cabbage pattern, but Bordallo Pinheiro just the same,
are these morning glory pattern cups and saucers.

Although the dessert/salad plate has the same brown rim as my cabbage plates,
the design is somewhat different with a motif of grapevines and leaves.

To vary the height within On Crooked Creek's Dining Room built~in china cabinet,
I added a Majolica lidded Cauliflower Teapot , my Homer Laughlin ironstone
lidded sugar bowl and a
green depression ware cake stand.

Two Bordallo Pinheiro water pitchers of varying patterns
and a vintage lidded petite soup tureen are placed on the bottom shelf.

Visually pleasing to the eye are the creamy ivory, bits of brown
and touches of green reflect my personal desires and taste.

One of my more recent finds is this green vaseline  lidded candy dish.

This trio of petite vintage green books,
with gold lettering on the spine, adds interest.

My oversized Bordallo Pinheiro platter fills the space in the open shelf
of the built~in cabinet and provides a cohesive backdrop
for the Homer Laughlin ironstone soup bowls and dinner plates.

Every afternoon On Crooked Creek, I stop for a 'cup 'o tea'.
Serving tea time using my vintage silver teapot
makes the Winter Chill more bearable.

Hot soup and hot tea will keep "Mr. Ed" and I warm
throughout our 1970's Ranch Style Home On Crooked Creek
while we wait out this last month of Winter for 2020.

In the meanwhile,
I'll continue adding touches of  green!

Until next time. . .

Monday, February 3, 2020

Refreshing The Home Office. . .

Reflecting our own personal needs
has been one of the changes taking place in 2020 On Crooked Creek.

This past week,
I spent some much needed time refreshing our Home Office.

Much has changed since we the 2017 switch of the  Guest Room
for the Home Office space. . . including the purchase of a new bookshelf.

2017 brought the need for a two~shelf bookcase 
to hold our 3~ring business binders, dictionary,
thesaurus and educational materials.

In July of 2019,
I attended Stephen Leader Training Course in Dallas, Texas.

Upon returning,
I realized I needed another bookcase to hold all of my educational resources.

Both bookcases were purchased at our local Target;
however, they (purposely) are in different hues.

If, at some time in our near future, we should make a change of location,
one could be placed within another area for another purpose.

An example,
our matching bedside table is now being used as a printer table.
I'm hoping our future Master Bedroom will be large enough
to accommodate both our bedside tables on either side of the bed frame.

Here's an overview of the furniture arrangement
in On Crooked Creek's Home Office as you enter from the East Wing hallway.

The opposite wall, which sets within an alcove,
was the perfect placement for "Mr. Ed's" desk and hutch.

"Mr. Ed's" desk was purchased in the 1970's,
during his Military service years, so that he could work at home.

The hutch portion was made in the 1990's,
by our son while he attended High School Shop Class.

The decorator within me enjoys creating vignettes within the open shelving.

Refreshing On Crooked Creek's Home Office
now reflects our personal needs by allowing both "Mr. Ed" and I
to co~exist within the same space while keeping in our own areas
to accomplish the needs of the day.

Until next time. . .