Saturday, April 18, 2020

NEW Spring Wreath. . .Tutorial

Staying home. . .staying safe. . .
                                                           does have its advantages!

Needing a change of scenery On Crooked Creek,
I spent some time in my creative space, Studio One.

Which resulted in a new Spring Wreath for On Crooked Creek's Front Door.

Come in,
and I'll take you through the process of changing my Christmas Wreath
into a refreshed and refined Spring Wreath On Crooked Creek!

* * * * Tutorial* * * * * 
Once I had taken off the red and white ticking stripe bow and ribbon,
I removed all of the faux evergreen pics.

Using what was in my storage tubs for Spring Florals,
I began with a wispy, faux green fern garland.

Once I had attached it with green florist's wire,
I began with a subtle color palette similar to On Crooked Creek's Gardens
of green, purple, white and soft buttery yellow.

I began at the bottom,
then moved to the top of the wreath and then to the right side,
using some Dollar Tree pics of green, and white flora
with soft buttery yellow berries.

Fairly satisfied with the flora placement,
I began filling in with random pics in white.

A few pics of lavender and several pops of a more vibrant yellow
gave the right balance of color I was seeking.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Spending time in Studio One was exactly what I needed for a change of pace.

Staying home. . .staying safe. . .
                                                            definitely has its advantages!

On Crooked Creek reaps the benefit of "social distancing"
of a new Spring Wreath for our front door!

Until next time. . .

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Simply Easter. . .

I wasn't going to bring out the Easter decor. . .
my heart just wasn't in it.

I wanted to keep it stored away. . .
until my World was 'right', once again.

my World isn't right. . .
and while I do believe it will be. . .my heart is heavy.

But then,
my fellow bloggers gently reminded me that Easter is coming. . .
and suddenly, I didn't want to miss it!

Keeping it simply Easter,
I placed a faux boxwood and berry wreath beneath the oatmeal bowl
of my Hearth and Hand everyday dinnerware.

A freshly ironed blue and white tablecloth and napkins
makes for a refreshing backdrop for my place setting.

Using faux flora,
I brought in the more cheerful hues in the color palette
from On Crooked Creek's Gardens of green, purple, white and yellow.

my heart felt lighter. . .my World a bit righter.

The contrast of the whimsical vivid orange patterned fabric carrots
against the veridis hued wall pockets wholeheartedly uplifted me!

Easter is coming!

While it may appear different in 2020,
I believe, in my heart, it will be even more meaningful,
for me, than it has ever been before.

A 'special' Thank You to the Ladies in The Land of Blog!
Thank you fellow bloggers for gently reminding me that Easter is coming!

Until next time. . .

P.S. Honestly, I have been struggling with being away from my Church Family.
        I was thinking ahead to all the festivities and Holy Week events of Worship
        that lead from Palm Sunday to Easter.

     Today, Palm Sunday,
     our Church held its first 'social distancing' Holy Communion.

     As directed by our Pastor(s),
     "Mr. Ed" and I prepared the Sacraments
     and placed them on the desk in our Home Office On Crooked Creek.

     "Mr. Ed" broke the bread and poured the wine (grape juice).
      I served.
      My heart was blessed by this 'perfect' act in a perfectly imperfect location.

     While I was preparing our lunch, I heard a "thud" at the front door.
     "Mr. Ed" , thinking it was the neighbors shared Sunday newspaper,
      found instead, a Palm Branch!

     The story of Jesus Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem
     is printed on the paper and signed, inhisname.

     Blessings arrive.
     They are richly and abundantly bestowed to those who believe.

     May you and yours have a blessed 2020 Easter!