Friday, April 24, 2015

A Touch Of Flora. . .

While painting the built~in china cabinet 
in On Crooked Creektt's Dining Room,
I took some time to experiment with the many dishes from within the cabinet.

I was amazed to find a hint of blue 
tucked inside the flora pattern of my European China Coffee Set!

So~o~o. . .
while waiting for the paint to dry,
I set a vignette atop the cabinet for a possible touch of flora tablescape.

Oddly enough,
the thought to mix my Homer Laughlin Aqua dinnerware 
with my Winterling Bavaria Porcelain China had never crossed my mind.

Who would have thought one would find such joy in waiting for paint to dry???

I located a faux potted fuchsia ranunculus in Studio One, my creative space,
and added some white beads and additional green flora to mimic the 
design with the porcelain china Coffee Set for the centerpiece.

I placed the terra cotta pot
inside a fluted France Revol bowl and flanked it on either side 
with my beloved maternal Grandmother's crystal candlesticks.

I used sage green marbled ROOT candlesticks 
surrounded by petite white beaded candle / napkin rings
to keep consistency and to extend the centerpiece.

By placing my everyday white porcelain dinner plates as a charger,
I added my vintage Aqua Homer Laughlin dinner plate next,
then finished with the  Winterling Bavaria Porcelain dessert plate.

I adore using my crystal salt cellars and with every opportunity,
incorporate them into my tablescape.

Soft aqua linen napkins held with white beaded napkin rings
accentuate the femininity of this touch of flora tablescape.

The heirloom silver flatware is from my beloved Mother~in~law.
I adore the delicate, petite floral WM Rogers pattern!

Rose etched crystal stemware atop silver and crystal coasters
bring sophistication with the continuation of the touch of flora theme.

Petite, demitasse cup and saucer await robust Colombian Coffee
as a beverage of choice with our dessert.

On Crooked Creektt's Dining Room
exudes a refreshed, renewed ambiance using a touch of flora.

From tablescape ~to~ built~in china cabinet,
a touch of flora for On Crooked Creektt's Dining Room. . .
it's a g o o d  t h i n g!

Until next time. . .

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Monday, April 20, 2015

2015's Project #5. . .

Since retiring,
"Mr. Ed" and I've evaluated how we utilize the upper level living areas
within our current lifestyle. 

We both realized, that as an on~going renewal,
a lighter, brighter more streamlined decor 
was greatly needed in On Crooked Creektt's Living Room.

It has been thirteen years since we'd done any redesigning
in our upper level Living Room.

Before. . .

No longer employed, 
spending our days at home On Crooked Creektt is a h u g e lifestyle change!

Spending ample time within our 1970's Ranch Style Home,
I found myself  c r a v i n g  the streamlined, 
Traditional Timeless Classic Style of my youth.

. . .After!

we have two separate living areas On Crooked Creektt.
By switching out the accent chairs on both the lower and upper levels,
I brought a neutral monochromatic color palette to our Living Room.

Incorporating much of what we already had made a simple solution 
for the transitioning from the previous Old World (heavy) Style 
to the Traditional Timeless Classic (lighter) Style with minimal effort and expense.

Before. . .

. . .After!

By continuing with the same neutral hue,
our 1970's Ranch Style Home has a sense of timeless sophistication.

"Mr. Ed" recently completed the painting of On Crooked Creektt's 
Entry Hall (here), Dining Room ( here ) and Living Room 
with Sherwin ~ Williams Sandbar SW 7547.
This ever changing taupe ~ to ~ gray shade has created a calm,
harmonious color palette throughout our upper level living areas.

Current lifestyles On Crooked Creektt lend our living areas to accommodate
accessories, books, personal memorabilia, sound system and the TV
and no longer are the formal parlors of generations past. 

Arriving On Crooked Creektt, the Entertainment Center was purchased
to showcase may of our collectibles and to house the electronics.

The Traditional Style of this piece 
will serve us well On Crooked Creektt and beyond. 

While it gives the appearance of one entire unit,
in actually, it is two separate units, allowing for versatility in placement.

Little change has taken place atop the Entertainment Center.

by simply re~arranging the oil lamps, 
I was able to create a more symmetrical design.

The cut glass design on the oil lamps, 
combined with the boxwood topiaries, gives textural contrast 
and adds visual interest to an otherwise monochromatic decor.

The continuation of vintage creamy ivory and white pottery bowls,
French busts, figurines and vases create a streamlined visual appeal 
within the monochromatic styling. 
The subtle shades of green accentuate our current Season of Spring.

To keep On Crooked Creektt's Living Room warm and moody
within the neutral monochromatic palette,
I've used terra cotta pots with the topiaries and 
green and honey gold hues within groupings of the oil lamps 
all of which lend a nod to nature.

Simple Spring faux silk flora fill the wrought iron cones,
alongside a favorite print of snow~capped trees and waterfall,
continues the neutral colors complimenting the Traditional Timeless Classic Style
as they relate to nature beyond the patio doors 
and connect to the Gardens On Crooked Creektt.

Choosing hues that reflect our current lifestyle, 
and remaining within a neutral color palette, 
evokes the outward emotional responses of calm, coziness and relaxation.

by thinking through our current lifestyle needs 
"Mr. Ed" and I have made sensible choices in our upper living areas,
that will endure decor and style changes for many years.

Ah~h~h. . .
a lighter, brighter more streamlined decor,
although an on~going renewal,
is liken a breath of fresh Spring air!

Until next time. . .

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Come Apart. . .And Rest Awhile!

The trials have been many this past year On Crooked Creektt. . .

"Mr. Ed and I watched as my beloved Dad's health continually declined
resulting in his gentle transitioning from earth into his eternal home.

All the while,  "Mr. Ed", himself was recovering from a stroke.
I was, at many times, torn between my concern for the two of them.

For two entire months, while "Mr. Ed" was unable to travel 
(due to his carotid artery surgery recovery), 
all I could do for my Dad was to pray and continue our weekly phone calls.

Now, I'm facing unknown health issues of my own.
I so~o~o very desperately needed to come apart . . .and rest awhile!
There is a place of quiet rest, right here, within the state of Kansas
known as Tuck U Inn at Glick Mansion Bed and Breakfast in Atchison, Kansas.

Photo courtesy of Chris Wildy 

Built in 1873
this former Kansas Governor's home is a 5 bedroom Bed and Breakfast 
located in a Historic Atchison Rivertown

Photo courtesy of Chris Wildy

Up the outside stairs, designated as the Guest Entrance,
I truly, felt as if I was being 'welcomed home'.

The Guest Register on the Porch
@ Tuck U Inn Glick Mansion Bed & Breakfast April 2015.

Through the past years,
"Mr. Ed" and I have been frequent guests at Tuck U Inn.

The Gentleman's Room @ Tuck U Inn
Glick Mansion Bed & Breakfast June 2009.

The Porch Swing @ Tuck U Inn
Glick Mansion Bed & Breakfast May 2013.

The First Ladies Room @ Tuck U Inn
Glick Mansion Bed & Breakfast May 2013.

during this years stay, we chose The President's Room.

Photo courtesy of Chris Wildy

Photo courtesy of Chris Wildy

Photo courtesy of Chris Wildy

As you descend the stairs each morning,
you are first greeted with this quote from Hamlet. . .

Photo courtesy of Chris Wildy

the most decadent breakfast made by Chris Wildy 
and served by her husband Loman Wildy.

Photo courtesy of Chris Wildy

Photo courtesy of Chris Wildy

Just when I think their level of hospitality can reach no further heights,
each part of this dynamic duo manages to surprise and delight "Mr. Ed" and I.

While we began our first course, an apricot turnover drizzled with honey
accompanied by mugs of steaming hot coffee,
Chris performed three piano selections on the baby grand piano!

Our last morning there is bittersweet.
Chris and I began a tradition 
of exchanging handmade gifts and continue that Tradition still.

This year,
I gifted Chris with some of my handmade gift card enclosures,
tussie~mussie cones and some decorated gift bags with matching gift tags.

Chris gifted me with a handmade machine embroidered tea towel 
and a crocheted dishcloth for our renewed kitchen decor 
within our Galley Style Kitchen On Crooked Creektt.

Our days were spent perusing the unique shops of Weston, Missouri 
and Atchison, Kansas. I truly, enjoyed visiting Nell Hill's Atchison Store.
And yes, I did make a few purchases!!!

My favorite purchase of all 
were these souvenir mugs from Tuck U Inn Glick Mansion Bed & Breakfast!!!

They look "right at home" On Crooked Creektt
and will be a continual reminder of our bond of friendship,
time spent with friends and a much needed rest before facing what lies ahead.

Until next time. . .

* * * * * * * FYI * * * * * * *
Dear Ones,
I've been experiencing pain in my abdomen and lower right back
for quite some time now. A recent CT SCAN showed a small Kidney stone.
After seeing a specialist this past week, I am scheduled for more tests
in the weeks ahead to determine a "plan of action".

I may be absent for periods of time from On Crooked Creektt
until we have resolved the cause of my pain.

Thank you for your understanding at this time in my life.
I will update more frequently on my Face Book page.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *