Thursday, January 24, 2019

My Favorite Things. . .2019 January, Vol.1

Every Season On Crooked Creek brings change,
and editing.

With each new display and vignette,
items are scrutinized for their worth in our daily life happenings.

In 2019, my plan is to create a post through each Season of the Year
titled, My Favorite Things .

I'm beginning with my Majolica Bordallo Pinheiro Collection.

While I adore the Cabbage Leaf pattern with its brown band,
I continue to hunt for enough serving pieces to set a table for six.

Finding a variety of patterns gives me quite a thrill!

Besides the Cabbage Leaf,
I have found several pieces with a Geranium and Grapevine pattern.

Love the appearance this grouping adds 
to the built~in china cabinet within On Crooked Creek's Dining Room!

Who knew there were Cabbage Leaf bowls?

Or, matching Cabbage Leaf Platters?

When I found these Geranium Pattern cups and saucers
at our local Antique Mall, I was quite smitten with the pattern!

During a recent vacation, I found these petite 'tidbit' plates!

Not my Majolica Bordallo Pinheiro,
but I adore how they blend Harmoniously with all the other patterns.

This Classic Majolica Handpainted Tea Set 
(from )
though not Bordallo Pinheiro, compliments my Grapevine platter quite nicely.

I couldn't resist this Cauliflower Tea Pot
while shopping in Weston, Missouri during our 4oth Wedding Anniversary Trip.
A great compliment to our Majolica Bordallo Pinheiro Cabbage Pattern Platter.

Whether viewing in passing,
or from On Crooked Creek's Dining Room Table,
my Majolica Bordallo Pinheiro Collection adds an interesting
balance of color to our monochromatic color scheme.

Majolica Bordallo Pinheiro,
in any Season of the Year, is definitely one of My Favorite Things!

Until next time. . . 

Friday, January 18, 2019

Gender Neutral Master. . .

During our years of make~overs,
"Mr. Ed" confessed to me that he needed a place to sleep
that wasn't pink and filled with roses.

As we completed one room ~after~ another,
I began consulting with him about color palettes.

We both agree that we like the Smoky Slate Olympic Paint
for our Master Bedroom that we chose in 2003.

This hue cocoons you and makes for a restful nights sleep.

Our Cherry Master Bedroom furniture was made
only after ordering and comes to us from North Carolina.

I love our four~poster Queen Size Bed and Triple Dresser.

Per "Mr. Ed's" request,
I added huge white pottery jars and filled them with faux Magnolia stems.

The surface of the dresser is filled with our combined wooden jewelry boxes.

A single silver tray
works for storing our wrist watches at night, and occasionally , his cologne.

For comfort, practicality and warmth, 

we chose a charcoal gray quilted throw
in a chevron patterned stitching instead of a bedspread.

A creamy ivory with navy~blue windowpane check wool blanket 
is all the extra covering we need in the Autumn and Winter months.

Two sets of plump pillows
are a must for comforting slumber On Crooked Creek.

The wooden bench at the foot of the Master Bed has duo purposes.

During the day, "Mr. Ed" & I sit on it for ease in dressing.

By night it holds the pillow shams and decorative pillows.

This oil portrait was taken prior to "Mr. Ed's" entry into the U. S. Army.

Because he and Ronnie Howard have a striking resemblance,
one to the other, we have titled this portrait Happy Days.

Although, we did not purchase the matching nightstands
at the time we purchased our Master Bedroom suit,

we were many years using 'cast~offs' and heirlooms.

A few years ago, we made the purchase of matching night stands
at a local consignment shop.

I love the storage and use mine for magazines and throw blankets.

Treasures I hold dear reside on my nightstand. . .

my Wedding Bible, a photo of "Mr. Ed" & I at the Bellagio
during our son's wedding in Las Vegas 
and a current photo of "Mr. Ed" from our Church Directory.

A nice soft throw, for light covering during napping
On Crooked Creek, rest at the foot of the bed.

A wrought iron medallion hangs on the wall to the side of our bed.

A print 'Always kiss me goodnight' 
within a vintage wooden frame hangs above our bed.

"Mr. Ed" agrees this gender neutral Master Bedroom
is quite restful and matches our retired lifestyle perfectly.

For me, it holds Sweet Dreams.

Until next time. . .

Monday, January 14, 2019

Studio One. . .W I S H!

Far too much time has passed
since I allowed myself the luxury of designing
in my creative space. . . Studio One.

I, truly, am hoping to change that in 2019!

This past week,
I began re~arranging some of my accessories
and found that I really love the aesthetics of paper and string.

My W I S H . . .
May your coming year be filled with magic
                     and dreams and good madness.

I hope you read some fine books
and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful,
                    and don't forget to make some art ~
                    write or draw or build
                    or sing or live as only you can.

And I hope, somewhere

                    in the next year,
                    you surprise yourself.
                                                          ~ Neil Gaiman

This past week, in Studio One, I made some art.
It was quite a challenge, but so fulfilling when completed.
I surprised myself.

2019 is beginning to be filled with many great things On Crooked Creek!

Until next time. . .

Friday, January 11, 2019

Bright Sunshiny Day!

It's been a bright, bright, bright sunshiny day On Crooked Creek!

So~o~o. . .
I descended the stairs to Studio One
and styled this floral arrangement for the Entry Hall.

I only used three hues, within a monochromatic color scheme,
of green, white and pale buttery yellow for this Entry Hall table centerpiece.

I adore how the greens are accentuated by the gray hues in the background!

My French wrought iron pillar candle stick
lends an air of elegance placed beside this floral arrangement.

The gray board background makes a dramatic statement
when paired with the candle stick and the floral arrangement.

So~o~o thankful for my creative space, Studio One
where I design my own floral arrangements On Crooked Creek!

. . .and for bright, bright, bright sunshiny days!

Until next time. . .