Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Interlude In White!

We interrupt On Crooked Creektt's Summer decorating hues
for an Interlude In White!

My Interlude In White tablescape 
is part of the Let There Be White Party 3 @
Let's Dish with Cuisine Kathleen.

Beginning with clean, crisp, sophisticated linens
that have long graced our dining table with simplistic beauty,
I used a white damask rose with polka dot heirloom tablecloth.

Instead of place mats, I used a white cotton runner 
with organza polka dot border and an embroidered rose at each end 
the entire length of our circular dining table.

Nothing imparts such calm sweetness 
as a table adorned in the purity of white!

Interlude In White 
showcases my everyday white porcelain china.

Pure white porcelain china with embossed patterns 
featuring beaded edging, fluting, and leaves enhances almost any decor.
Although white can feel cold or austere,
I've paired the place setting with my MoMa's silver flatware
to create a welcoming palette of soothing tones.

Here and there,
hints of varying green hues lend to the Garden inspired decor.

The centerpiece is simply faux boxwood 
with snowball florals in an elegantly styled white embossed planter
elevated by a footed silver tray atop a white scrolled plate.

The addition of soft ambient candlelight
creates a sense of romance to our evening dining.

A continuance of elegant style dresses our table
with the addition of etched crystal rose stemware 
as it whispers a soft welcome
combined with individual crystal silver salt and pepper sets.

Take a moment to wander about,
enthralled and soothed by tranquil surroundings.

A bit of an Interlude In White,
On Crooked Creektt!

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pull Up A Chair. . .

On Crooked Creektt,
"Mr. Ed" and I enjoy entertaining in our 1970's Ranch Style Home!

So~o~o. . .
when our Associate Pastor recently phoned 
to inquire if we would lead a Small Group Study. . .
we said, "Yes".

Knowing ahead of time 
that we are signed up to accommodate eight adults, 
meant one thing On Crooked Creektt.

Time for a re~arrange!!!

Earlier this Spring,
"Mr. Ed" was gifted with a 'hand~me~down' recliner
from our son and daughter~in~law as they updated with new furnishings!

With our previous furniture arrangement,
we could comfortably seat six adults for free~flowing conversation.

Three adults on the couch,
two at this seating area and one adult for the recliner, equals six.

Definitely time for a furniture shuffle
to make accommodations for two more seating spaces.

While "Mr. Ed" aided a neighbor with fence repair,
I moved the sewing machine cabinet,
repositioned the chairs to center the area 
and brought over the vintage four~drawer dresser.

Then, after arranging a new vignette atop the dresser. . .

I moved the vintage sewing machine cabinet
to the opposite side of the couch where the dresser formerly sat.

I began creating a new vignette, 
refreshing this tabletop with a design 
that would span from Summer~to~Autumn.

Not to waste a minute of "Mr. Ed's" absence,
I descended to the lower level and retrieved this chair from Studio One.

An amazing thrifty $30 find 
from our Annual Trout Fishing Trip to Bennett Spring,
I have always wanted to place this chair in the Living Room!

This vintage chair is upholstered in a soft, 
faded gold upholstery and compliments the adjacent seating area.
The hues of the chairs duplicated in this accent pillow
bring about a cohesive appeal.

Soft golds are abundant throughout the decor
in On Crooked Creektt's Living Room, 
making the addition of the chair pleasing to the eye.

Although, you only count seating for seven adults. . .
I left ample space between the seating area and the newly included seat.

As our Small Group guests begin to arrive
there's only one thing left to do. . .
                                                                   pull up a chair!

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bride~To~Be Tea. . .

While working diligently to finalize design plans
for reception tables of my friends daughters upcoming Wedding. . .
I surprised Mother ~of ~the ~Bride and the honoree 
with a Bride~to~be~Tea! 

Since this was to be a "work~day" On Crooked Creektt,
I set up my beloved maternal grandmother's folding tea cart
and draped it with my MoMa's white eyelet circular tablecloth.

Studio One, my creative space,
is located in the lower level living areas On Crooked Creektt
and is adjacent to the Family Room,
a perfect place for a spot of Tea!

Since we met mid~morning, I kept our refreshments light.

Sweet Strawberry Sorbet
filled my vintage Gold Crown Alliance, Ohio China bowls. . .

while the saucers were filled with Lemon Crinkle Cookies.

I chose delicate vintage luncheon white linen napkins 
embossed with dainty blue embroidery and scalloped edging, 
intricate silver serving spoons combined with my Homer Laughlin 
cups and saucers for our tea service.

Our Pomegranate White Tea 
containing lemon grass paired perfectly with the Lemon Cookies.
The dried pomegranate and African hibiscus gives this tea 
a fuchsia pink robust hue which coordinated with the sorbet.

Fresh strawberries, used to garnish our sorbet,
are elegantly displayed within an heirloom blue compote.
Swirl depression glass creamer and sugar compliment the teascape.

A Prairie bouquet from On Crooked Creektt's Heirloom Garden
includes Purple Cone Flower and Shasta Daisies. 
Two snips of Bouquet Dill and a few sprigs of fresh Rosemary,
from The Herb Garden, made this a fragrant packed petite bouquet.

With the rapidly approaching Wedding,
I feel great strides were made on this Bride~to~be~Tea "work day".

Plans are finalized, "to~do" lists are being checked off!
Soon, very soon. . .we'll all be "Going to the Chapel"!!!

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Sunflower Patch!

I  love Sunflowers!!!

Here On Crooked Creektt,
"Mr. Ed" grows Sunflowers just for me!!!

Each Season as the seedlings grow into stalks 
and as the first buds begin to arrive, 
there is a giddiness that embarks upon my being!

Our Sunflower Patch
is located on the West side of On Crooked Creektt's Garden's.
Abundant Spring showers gave "Mr. Ed" one of the best patches in a decade!

Long before the Sunflowers make their appearance,
"Mr. Ed" places a hay rake in the Sunflower Patch 
for visual interest in the bare Garden spot. 
He also hangs the Tin Man made by my Dad 
and wrought iron Sunflowers from Roadhouse Antiques.

Observing from the deck, 
I can literally watch the Sunflowers grow from one week to the next!!!

From Mother's Day~to~Flag Day,
each day is a continual transformation in the Sunflower patch!

By mid July,
timid Sunflowers begin to open their faces to the sun
until the entire patch is an explosion of varying hues. . .
 yellows, browns, reds and oranges!

On Crooked Creektt, this past week,
I've counted a dozen blossoms already!!!

Some Sunflowers have a single bloom per stem,
while others have a stem with multiple blossoms!!!

Regardless the color, the shape or the size
I say, "The more Sunflowers in the Patch. . .
                                                                the merrier On Crooked Creektt!!!

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