Friday, December 6, 2019

A Crooked Creek Christmas. . .

Christmas 2019 On Crooked Creek has taken on a more simplified appearance.

It would appear my 'ladder climbing days' will, in the near future,
become a 'thing of the past'. I've found that my degenerative arthritis
has progressed greatly in my spine and is causing limitations to movement.

Informing you, my family, friends and followers,
now makes this Christmas 'extra special' and I purposely chose
to begin my Christmas posts with the design atop my four drawer dresser.

The ' thrill of hope' flooded over my soul when I happened upon this
figurine of The Holy Family while shopping during our
Annual Trout Fishing Trip @ Bennett Spring State Park in Lebanon, MO.

I chose to use many of my favorite Christmas hymns
to surround this vignette in the keeping of the true meaning of the Season.

An evergreen wreath at the base of The Holy Family
sits atop and disguises a paper yellow pages directory
giving the needed height.

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, It Came Upon A Midnight Clear,
O Little Town of Bethlehem, Silent Night 
and While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night 
fill the box and the top of the dresser.

The added petite cylinder lights remind me of the Candlelight Service
"Mr. Ed" and I attend each year.

As we sing the last verse,
the entire congregation raises our lit single candles
illuminating the entire Sanctuary with the light of Christ.

A Crooked Creek Christmas holding the precious meaning of this
holiest of Seasons, sends a thrill of hope to my very soul
that Christmas future will allow me to continue to decorate
our 1970's Ranch Style Home with all the design flair as I have in the past.

"Do not be afraid". . .found within the second chapter of the gospel of Luke
was read with such peace as I began the Luke Challenge December 1st.

As I chose my Word for 2019. . .
I did not want to choose the word hope.

Trusting God,
I obeyed . . . and now, I know in full what I had previously known in part.

Hope. . ."The Lord is my portion", says my soul,
"therefore I will hope in him." Lamentations 3:24

May your hearts, minds and souls
be filled with the hope, peace, love and joy this Christmas.

Until next time. . .

Monday, November 18, 2019

A Moment In Time. . .

As "Mr. Ed" and I age. . .
we find our Annual Trout Fishing Trip to Bennett Spring State Park
has taken on a more relaxed style.

Ah~h~h, yes. . .
there's still the early morning trips to the Spring
for the limit of the day's catch of Rainbow and Brown Trout.

As well as , the usual marathon shopping
at Boomland Square in Ozark, Missouri.

But, this trip, there was something even m o r e special
in this year's excursion for both, "Mr. Ed" and I.

You see, "Mr. Ed" had been on Google Maps
researching the address of his maternal grandmother's house
and found that it was now a catering business.

So~o~o. . .
of course, we had to make a special "drive ~ by" the property.

"Mr. Ed" and I parked in the gravel driveway
that was in its original place, on a level part of the lot,
just to the side of his Grandmother Ida Kerby's Home.

Grandmother's original mailbox was located on the opposite side of the street.

Although the Happy Chef Catering Company had given the home
a fresh coat of paint added flower boxes and shutters to the windows,
repaired and painted the porch floor;
I was thrilled to see that the brick columns and the concrete step remained !

the sidewalk leading around to the side of the house was in its original condition!

Grandmother Kerby never opened her front door.
You always entered at the side door that opened to her back porch.

While I was taking photos of "Mr. Ed"
standing on the porch of his Grandmother Kerby's home,
he commented that a van bearing the same name had just gone down the street.

Sensing we had over stayed our 'welcome'
and that the neighbors had possibly called
to report us taking photos and walking the property,
the van turned around and pulled up in front of the home.

The man inside the Happy Chef Catering Company van
rolled down his window and asked if we had once lived in the house.

"Mr. Ed" was over taken with emotion. . .so, I answered.

"My husband's Grandmother lived her for many years.
We are Trout Fishing at Bennett Spring State Park and drove down for the day.
Having seen your business on Google Maps, we wanted to stop by for a moment."

Can you even imagine how thrilled we were
when he asked if we'd like to take a look inside?

For a moment in time,
both "Mr. Ed" and I were transformed to the precious memories
of the early years of our marriage and our many visits to see his Grandmother!

Once, "Mr. Ed's" Grandmother Ida Kerby's living room,
Happy Catering Company uses this room for 'tasting' .

"Mr. Ed" remarked how exceptionally small
the rooms appeared to him. . .and they, truly were!

The kitchen and bedroom were just as we both remembered.

Ida Kerby Home, October 1980. . .

"Mr. Ed" @ Happy Chef Catering Company, October 2019.

Grandmother Ida Kerby Home ~ Living Room, October 1978.

Grandmother Ida Kerby Home ~ Kitchen, May 1974.

Grandmother Ida Kerby Home, February 1975
her daughter, and "Mr. Ed's" Mother, Mary Kerby Cantwell.

"Mr. Ed" and I will cherish our time in Ozark, Missouri
and the kindness of Chef Phil of Happy Catering Company
for allowing us a moment in time that warmed our hearts
and will give us precious memories, once again, of Grandmother Kerby's Home.

Until next time. . .

Special thanks to :
Happy Chef Catering Co.
408 North 4th Avenue
Ozark, Missouri  65721
417- 860-7734

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Vintage Snowman Entry. . .

 l o v e Snow!

 I absolutely  l o v e these adorable vintage appearing Snowmen!

Christmas On Crooked Creek 2019 has begun!

This year's design will be filled to the brim with 
stars, snowflakes and snowmen!

Three years ago,
"Mr. Ed" and I took a Road Trip to The Pioneer Woman Mercantile
in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

We had an extra hour before we began our return trip On Crooked Creek.
Being a bit adventurous, within a block of The Pioneer Woman Mercantile
we found the most amazing Gift Shop containing French inspired decor accessories.

 As soon as I saw that face, I was quite smitten!
To find this Snowman in vintage silver and gold
with a a stove top hat and a short, fat bow made my heart skip a beat!

Then. . .
there was the companion Snowman and I knew these two
Snowmen would find a new home On Crooked Creek.

Miniature silver snowflakes strung with gift wrapping twine
atop the vintage gray hued hinged shutters make a Winter welcoming backdrop.

My gently shaken snowglobe adds a chilling aspect
atop the creamy white, silver and gold snowflake table runner.

Purchased at the same Gift shop are the wire bottle brush gold glitter trees.

The white carnation, silver magnolia leaf and gold pomegranate pic
purchased locally brings added softness to this vintage snowman vignette.

Wrapped loosely around the gold glitter wire bottle brush trees
is a three foot strand of led dewdrop lights from the $3 bin @ Target.

Whether viewed from On Crooked Creek's Galley Style Kitchen. . .

or from the upper level Living Room. . .

On Crooked Creek's vintage snowman entry is filled to the brim with 
stars, snowflakes and snowmen!

Until next time. . .

Monday, September 23, 2019

Autumnal Dressing the Four Drawer Dresser. . .

Although most people would position a four drawer dresser in a bedroom,
On Crooked Creek, I chose to place it within our upper level Living Room.

You see, this four drawer dresser holds such a special place in my heart.
Nearly 20 years ago, it was my Mother's Day  gift from my son.

It feels the space beside our couch, quite nicely.

I adore designing Seasonal vignettes for the top!

For this Autumnal vignette,
I chose to keep the color palette monochromatic.

The inspiration comes from my Santos Angel
in soft hues of creamy ivory, gray and taupe.

So~o~o. . .
I used her soft subtle hues to build the accessories used within the vignette.

A great find were these three vintage green books at our local Antique Mall.

Dollar Tree creamy taupe and green atop the indigo tone berry stems
make a great accompaniment to the Santos and the vintage books. 

I love this Autumnal vignette atop my Mother's Day four drawer dresser.

It brings such special memories of a son's thoughtfulness
for something I hold dear to my heart.

His love.

Until next time. . .

Monday, September 16, 2019

Autumnal Interlude. . .

Welcoming Autumn On Crooked Creek
begins within the Entry Hall
with an Autumnal Jewelry Box faux floral arrangement.

One of my favorite spaces to create Seasonal vignettes
is atop my gifted vintage four drawer dresser.

Mimicking  the tranquil hues in my Santos,
I designed this vignette with neutral hued
Dollar Tree glass pumpkins, a remnant of faux dried grapes,
vintage books ( dated 1901) and a wooden artifact.

With a bit of contrast,
I placed this glass crackled orange pumpkin near a heirloom candy dish
and some miniature blue dishes for another Autumnal Interlude vignette.

Without rearranging On Crooked Creek's Entertainment Center,
I added textural touches of Autumnal decor within its shelves
and atop for a simplistic Traditional Autumnal Style.

Bronze wooden acorns combined with magnolia leaf sprigs
and accented with a whimsical bronze squirrel continued the neutral color palette.

Another touch of Traditional Autumnal hues 
is reflected in the touches of faux trails of bittersweet
nestled among my white porcelain urns.

These miniature white crackle pumpkins, 
adorned with bronze metal leaves, 
aid in camouflaging my stereo speakers.

More of my textural acorns
were placed inside containers already placed within the Entertainment Center.

I opted for a subtle nod of the Autumnal Seasons hues with my bronze wall scones.

Combining golden yellow and rust faux silks
with some bronze and white metal leaves,
I cascaded trails of the leaves beyond the limits of the sconces 

f0r a more dramatic effect.

Continuing with subtle, simplistic Autumnal Season Styling,
for the Dining Room built~in cabinet vignette,
I filled a glass pumpkin tureen with miniature Indian Corn.

Elevating the tureen and surrounding it with an acorn wreath
adds textural interest and enhances the corn husk tops of the corn.

The handmade hutch in On Crooked Creek's Dining Room
received a single Autumnal sprig and two glass green marbled pumpkins.

I am absolutely thrilled with the change paint has made 
to my once 'gold' bird statues and I already have plans for using them
within a variety of vignettes in On Crooked Creek's future designs.

Since the purchase of my Magnolia Hearth & Hand Dinnerware,
I have enjoyed the perfectly imperfect casual atmosphere
it brings to our daily dining.

Here, I've paired it with "Mr. Ed's" handmade gray box
filled to the brim with neutral Autumnal accessories and faux silks
for a monochromatic centerpiece.

Thank you for joining me for On Crooked Creek's Autumnal Interlude
filled with monochromatic neutral and  subtle Traditional hues
intertwined within textural Seasonal vignettes.

Until next time. . .