Monday, September 23, 2019

Autumnal Dressing the Four Drawer Dresser. . .

Although most people would position a four drawer dresser in a bedroom,
On Crooked Creek, I chose to place it within our upper level Living Room.

You see, this four drawer dresser holds such a special place in my heart.
Nearly 20 years ago, it was my Mother's Day  gift from my son.

It feels the space beside our couch, quite nicely.

I adore designing Seasonal vignettes for the top!

For this Autumnal vignette,
I chose to keep the color palette monochromatic.

The inspiration comes from my Santos Angel
in soft hues of creamy ivory, gray and taupe.

So~o~o. . .
I used her soft subtle hues to build the accessories used within the vignette.

A great find were these three vintage green books at our local Antique Mall.

Dollar Tree creamy taupe and green atop the indigo tone berry stems
make a great accompaniment to the Santos and the vintage books. 

I love this Autumnal vignette atop my Mother's Day four drawer dresser.

It brings such special memories of a son's thoughtfulness
for something I hold dear to my heart.

His love.

Until next time. . .

Monday, September 16, 2019

Autumnal Interlude. . .

Welcoming Autumn On Crooked Creek
begins within the Entry Hall
with an Autumnal Jewelry Box faux floral arrangement.

One of my favorite spaces to create Seasonal vignettes
is atop my gifted vintage four drawer dresser.

Mimicking  the tranquil hues in my Santos,
I designed this vignette with neutral hued
Dollar Tree glass pumpkins, a remnant of faux dried grapes,
vintage books ( dated 1901) and a wooden artifact.

With a bit of contrast,
I placed this glass crackled orange pumpkin near a heirloom candy dish
and some miniature blue dishes for another Autumnal Interlude vignette.

Without rearranging On Crooked Creek's Entertainment Center,
I added textural touches of Autumnal decor within its shelves
and atop for a simplistic Traditional Autumnal Style.

Bronze wooden acorns combined with magnolia leaf sprigs
and accented with a whimsical bronze squirrel continued the neutral color palette.

Another touch of Traditional Autumnal hues 
is reflected in the touches of faux trails of bittersweet
nestled among my white porcelain urns.

These miniature white crackle pumpkins, 
adorned with bronze metal leaves, 
aid in camouflaging my stereo speakers.

More of my textural acorns
were placed inside containers already placed within the Entertainment Center.

I opted for a subtle nod of the Autumnal Seasons hues with my bronze wall scones.

Combining golden yellow and rust faux silks
with some bronze and white metal leaves,
I cascaded trails of the leaves beyond the limits of the sconces 

f0r a more dramatic effect.

Continuing with subtle, simplistic Autumnal Season Styling,
for the Dining Room built~in cabinet vignette,
I filled a glass pumpkin tureen with miniature Indian Corn.

Elevating the tureen and surrounding it with an acorn wreath
adds textural interest and enhances the corn husk tops of the corn.

The handmade hutch in On Crooked Creek's Dining Room
received a single Autumnal sprig and two glass green marbled pumpkins.

I am absolutely thrilled with the change paint has made 
to my once 'gold' bird statues and I already have plans for using them
within a variety of vignettes in On Crooked Creek's future designs.

Since the purchase of my Magnolia Hearth & Hand Dinnerware,
I have enjoyed the perfectly imperfect casual atmosphere
it brings to our daily dining.

Here, I've paired it with "Mr. Ed's" handmade gray box
filled to the brim with neutral Autumnal accessories and faux silks
for a monochromatic centerpiece.

Thank you for joining me for On Crooked Creek's Autumnal Interlude
filled with monochromatic neutral and  subtle Traditional hues
intertwined within textural Seasonal vignettes.

Until next time. . .