Friday, March 28, 2014

Entertaining Spring Vignettes. . .

I took a day to meander through the outskirts of our town~to ~another
nearby town for a Spring Open House.

Ah~h~h . . . 
just the inspiration I needed to revitalize my spirit.

The same day, 
I was caught in a gentle Spring Shower.

Even as a child, 
I've never minded the rain.

as I gaze out across our lawn On Crooked Creektt
clumps of green grass are appearing 
much like the poofs of the faux green hydrangea 
atop the Entertainment Center.

I am experiencing a revitalized spirit
and am filled with inspiration from the many 
entertaining Spring vignettes throughout my shopping adventure.

Until next time. . . 

* * * * * * * Just A Note * * * * * * *
Yes, I did make a "few" home decor purchases
and will be working on my Spring chandelier
and an upcoming Tablescape challenge using the new "finds"!

Check back next week for the reveal.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Radiant Rays of Hope. . .

Rays of sunshine 
are pouring through the patio doors On Crooked Creektt
filling me with radiant rays of hope for Springs arrival to the Prairie!

A simplistic vignette sets within the confines of the built~in China Cabinet.

I adore how the curly twig surrounding the grapes of the wallpaper backing
is also mimicked in the cauliflower tea pot.

Having removed the boxwood and snowball faux floral arrangement 
from the Dining Room table, I placed it on the built~in china cabinet.

Filling the corner with its vibrant green hues,
the creamy ivory urn inspired me to set a tea inspired vignette.

Perfect companions to the boxwood filled urn 
are my bird shaped saucers and creamy ivory tea cups.

Birds and bees are often seen amidst On Crooked Creektt's Gardens.

The vintage, made in Japan, creamer and lidded sugar set
were purchased last Spring 
during our weekend get~away to Weston, Missouri.

(The above photos were taken at 7:00 P. M.  
No editing has been done to allow you to see the radiant rays of sunlight.)

Afternoon tea is a daily must On Crooked Creektt!

Although not a matching set,
I am quite pleased with the harmonious blending 
of the tea pot and the cream and sugar.

Radiant rays of hope on the Prairie pour through the patio doors,
as I await Springs true arrival while enjoying rays of sunshine!

Until next time. . .

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Bee Creative. . . Napkin Ring Tutorial.

Although there seems to be no shortage of dishes for tablescaping,
napkin rings On Crooked Creektt are another story all together.

I put together a whimsical tablescape 
using my vintage honey pot collection, bee stemware and plates.

While gathering my black and white check napkins,
my eyes glanced upon the buttery yellow beaded candle/napkin rings.

Inspiration + creativity = bee napkin rings!

By using three elements readily available,
I designed the whimsical bee napkin rings for Tablescaping With The Bees. . .

I gathered together the necessary items:
*the buttery yellow beaded napkin ring
*narrow black and white ribbon
*four bee measuring spoons

I used 1 tsp. and 1/4 tsp. spoons and a 18" length of the striped ribbon.
Squeezing the ribbon together,
I forced it into the opening atop the 1 tsp. and tied a loose knot.
The knot is to keep the two measuring spoons separated, preventing breakage.

I squeezed the ribbon together a second time.
This time I forced the ribbon through the opening in the 1/4 tsp. opening.
By turning the measuring spoon upside down, 
it creates an element of surprise for your guest.

I gently slid the two measuring spoons together.
Wrap the ribbon around the napkin ring and tie in a short fat bow.

Slide your napkin by the corner through the napkin ring opening 
and you have a unique, delightful napkin ring for your dining pleasure.

By repeating the process, I created a second napkin ring.

This time, I used the 1 Tbsp. and the 1/2 tsp. measuring spoons.

Wrap the ribbon around the beaded napkin ring, 
tie in a short fat bow and you've completed the second bee napkin ring.

 Slide the napkin through the napkin ring 
and you're ready to amaze and delight your family and dinner guests!

Black, white and yellow bee napkin rings. . .
On Crooked Creektt, they're a "good thing" !

Until next time. . .

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tablescaping With The Bees. . .

We are beginning to have beautiful Spring weather here on the Prairie!

So~o~o. . .
today, I decided to highlight the hues of  Spring 
using black, white and yellow with the bees!

Using my soft yellow damask circular tablecloth, 
I added a yellow linen fretwork table runner across the width of the table.
I adore how the length of the runner allows the drape off the side.

I added my black and white quilted toile place mats.

Combining all these patterns,
while subtle, tends to give one visual overload.
By using my vintage creamy ivory plates, 
it gives the eye a much needed place to rest.

* * * * * * * Note * * * * * * *
When perusing Antique Shops and Flea Markets,
don't be afraid to buy one~of~a~kind plates or saucers.
I purchased just one of these plates at our local
Antique Mall, then found three of the same plates in a town
3 1/2 hours away! Now, I have four~of~a~kind!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Atop my vintage creamy ivory dinner plates,
I added a newly purchased Mary Carol Bee dessert / salad plate.

Everyday Oneida flatware and our everyday clear bubble glass stemware
keeps the clean~up to a minimum allowing us time to enjoy the out~of~doors.

This tablescape with the bees 
allows me the perfect opportunity to showcase my bee stemware.

I made a purchase of these bee matchboxes several years ago.
Placing them inside a matching vintage creamy ivory fruit bowl
adds a touch of whimsical elegance to our place setting.
I embellished each with my signature short fat bow.

Black and white check cotton napkins
are surrounded with buttery beaded napkin rings complete with a surprise.

I've attached two bee measuring spoons 
with black and white striped ribbon to each beaded napkin ring.

I do hope you'll return  Friday 
for a tutorial on making these adorable napkin rings.

I recently read where Lazy Susan's were making a come~back in home decor.
Once again, I nearly sent mine to the Thrift Shop.

Using my Lazy Susan as a base 
works beautifully to corral my vintage Honey Pots
while allowing the centerpiece to be seen in its entirety.

A vintage petite ribbed pitcher holds faux pear blossomed sprigs.
To off~set an over abundance of the same honey brown hue,
I draped a vintage linen napkin atop the wooden Lazy Susan.

I managed to work a hint of the bees into the backdrop
at the edge of my heirloom china hutch and buffet.

As you can clearly see, 
the sun is streaming brightly through the patio doors
heralding Springs arrival On Crooked Creektt.

Radiant Spring sun~filled Dining Room 
for "Mr. Ed" and I as we enjoy. . .
Tablescaping With The Bees. 
Until next time. . .

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