Thursday, January 30, 2020

Entertaining Green. . .

As January comes to a close,
and February comes sliding in,
I'm entertaining green within On Crooked Creek's Entertainment Center.

During Christmas 2019  On Crooked Creek,
I distributed several antique books covered in brown craft paper
atop the Entertainment Center to fill the void
between the vintage shelf and the heirloom oil lamps.



That unique time in design when one is out of the Christmas Season,
but not yet into Easter or Spring Seasonal decor can be challenging.

I wanted to leave the antique books covered in brown craft paper a while longer.

I like the look from all sides of On Crooked Creek's Living Room entrances.


Entertaining green atop the Entertainment Center
appeared to be the best solution for transitioning from one Season to the next.


I'm not about rushing the Seasons.
I appreciate having the opportunity to experience all four Seasons.


So~o~o. . .

while I comfortably await the joys of cooler temperatures
and the possibilities of white mounds of fluffy snow. . .


I'll continue to be entertaining green
from On Crooked Creek's warm upper level Living Room.

Until next time. . .

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Winter Blues. . .

Winter blues has a new meaning in 2020 On Crooked Creek.

I'm adding some hues of blues to the Dining Room.

Recently, I had the opportunity to shop @ HomeGoods
where I was quite smitten with the hues of blues combined with subtle gray
within the contemporary print of this textured white tablecloth.

I am amazed how well the colors blend with our Hearth & Hand
contemporary dinnerware from Magnolia.

Of course, I purchased the matching napkins
and love the softness they add to the tablescape.

These whimsical napkin rings bring a ray of sunshine
when On Crooked Creek's Winter blue skies turn to gray.

Everyday dinnerware, flatware and stemware make clean up a breeze.

Although, it's difficult to visualize with these photos,
the lines of the stemware are mimicked within the lines of the place mats.

The light, bright white of the lidded urns, blended with mercury silver votives,

creates a distinctive centerpiece void of any added flora in this 
Winter blues tablescape.

On Crooked Creek's heirloom buffet and hutch
received a few faux white tulips to enhance the delft blue.

Temperatures have dropped, rain has turned to sleet
and there's a hint of  snowflakes upon the horizon
from On Crooked Creek's Dining Room patio doors.

2020, On Crooked Creek, with a new meaning of Winter blues!

Until next time. . .

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Studio One 'Grab 'n Go'. . .

of any given Year
is always a re~organizing time for me!

So~o~o. . . 
this, 2020, is the Year!

Not only for a re~organizing within Studio One,
but also, a complete redesign of my creative space.

Since arriving On Crooked Creek,
I've always had these two shelving units
stacked one atop the other, making one large vertical storage space.

Issues with my arthritis this past Summer,
have made me pause and re~think
how I use the spaces within our 1970's Ranch Style Home.

Because standing with my hands above my head
for any length of time increases my pain,
I asked "Mr. Ed" to help me bring these shelves down and place them side~by~side.

By doing so. . .
I have created what I call the 'grab 'n go' storage
of my designing accessories within Studio One On Crooked Creek.

Designer magazines
are now easily accessible for Holiday and Seasonal inspiration.

Directly below,
are decorating accessories that I can 'grab 'n go'
for the ever changing vignettes within On Crooked Creek's living spaces. 

Directly above,
is one of my favorite spaces to design in Studio One!

This unique shelf is one that "Mr. Ed" made using a cabinet drawer.
It is amazingly the perfect size for showcasing all those petite accessories.

Just below the duct work,
is a long shelf made by "Mr. Ed", that now holds accessories that are seldom used.

* * * Studio One Tour * * *
Welcome to the newly re~designed and re~organized Studio One!

As you enter Studio One,
this vintage three~drawer dresser
and the four~drawer file cabinet
are the first things you see.

Continuing to your right,
is a four shelf unit on wheels made from seasoned privacy fencing
and lattice for an easy~to~move furniture piece.

I covered the shelves with left~over black and white check gift wrap.

The wall to the end of  Studio One holds all my Holiday and Seasonal decor.

This year, 2020,
I edited every storage tub and card cataloged each item within.
This should eliminate hours of searching and make decorating a breeze!

I moved this work station closer to the storage tubs.

Now, as I lift one of the tubs down,
I can place it atop the workstation to easily retrieve the accessories I need.

The air cushioned mat in front of the work station is one of my Christmas gifts.

The burlap / chalkboard identification tags
make a striking contrast to the wicker baskets within the work station. 

The paper board
was gifted to me from my son and daughter~in~law for Christmas.

My first two creative designs for 2020
are represented within the vignette atop the work station.

Now we'll continue around to the right
where the two shelving units were placed, as mentioned above.

We continue to the right,
where I have another creative work station.

This is the main area for designing floral arrangements and wreaths.

The final work station within my creative space
is where all the designing, drawing, cutting,
and list making takes place for all of  Studio One's creations.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I'm, truly, hoping that the changes made within Studio One
for storage and easy accessibility will allow me to continue
to do as many of the things that I love for a little while l o n g e r.

On Crooked Creek 'grab 'n go' decorating accessories. . .
in Studio One is definitely worth a try.

Until next time. . .