Sunday, June 8, 2014

Silver Polishing Day. . .

Never really a chore for me,
as I enjoy silver polishing day On Crooked Creektt!

It is the time that I can focus on a luminous shine for my heirloom silver, 
reminisce about my loved ones 
and the many occasions my silver has been used to help celebrate in the past.

Many times, 
it is time set aside to make a Seasonal decor change to the buffet.

Come along, and I share with you how this silver polishing day
features more of my Bordallo Pinheiro Collection.

Beginning with a clean slate atop the buffet,
I added a white linen grapevine open work square tea cloth
folded in half and with a bit of scrunching to fit the space on a diagonal.

The end gently fell into this triangular fold without prompting.

I began layering from the back using one of my new Bordallo Pinheiro trays.
The grapevine pattern on the tray compliments the linen grapevine tea cloth,
as does the grapevine dessert/salad plate.

came the freshly polished silver serving tray.
Followed by a linen tea towel with delicate yellow embroidered flowers.

Atop the linen tea towel,
I strategically styled the Tea Service.

To the left of the Tea Service,
I've filled a crystal bowl with five silver teaspoons.

On the right of the Tea Service,
is an empty crystal and silver bowl to fill with fresh flowers
from On Crooked Creektt's Gardens when serving.

A sage green pottery urn filled with faux grapevine leaves
and some creamy ivory blossoms enhances the buffet.

I adore how refreshing polished silver illuminates the buffet!

On Crooked Creektt's Dining Room has a cohesive look throughout.

Using my Bordallo Pinheiro Collection within both areas of the Dining Room
enhances both the buffet and the table.
View my Bordallo Pinheiro Duo Celebration Tablescape here. . .)

Until next time. . .

On Crooked Creektt will be joining

And. . .

And. . .

And. . .

Jan and Stan @ Rooted In Thyme for Simple and Sweet Fridays!

Be sure to visit each of these amazing host and hostesses 
for inspiring decor ideas for your own home!


Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

Perfect Pat! The silver looks so pretty all shined up and I like the vignette you created with it. I always wondered what my mom did with her set- it just disappeared and then she bought all pewter pieces. The linens were the perfect touch!

Martha said...

Your polished silver looks lovely!

podso said...

I too enjoy polishing silver and thinking about who else has polished it in the past! yours looks so nice. Hope your week is off to a good start.

Marigene said...

I enjoy polishing silver when it is my idea...not when I have to, but when I want to. Your china cabinet looks very springy dressed in green and white.
Have a great week, Pat.

Babs R said...

Your tea set and tray look perfectly at home with you BP pieces. So pretty! Love the little feet on the tray.

Alycia Nichols said...

I'm with you, Pat. I do enjoy polishing silver. There's just something about the overall enjoyment and satisfaction in achieving such a lofty goal! You mixed the silver in very nicely with your Pinheiro pieces. The deep coloring in them really makes the highly polished surfaces stand out even more.

I hope you have a chance to just kick back and enjoy the fruits of your silver labor!

robin lorraine williamson said...

thanks for sharing love your tables so beautiful have a great day

Christine Graves said...

Polishing silver always seemed to be a chore, like scrubbing pots and pans but reading this now it sounds like a calm and relaxing way to enjoy a rainy afternoon....Wonderful pieces!