Friday, July 19, 2019

My Favorite Things. . . 2019 July, Vol. 7

As I'm creating,
I often have the lyrics of a tune going through my head.

Today, the lyrics ,"If I were a Carpenter". . .
are harmoniously streaming through my mind.

Amazing "Mr. Ed" has made several Carpenter's boxes
which are featured for July as one of My Favorite Things!

This Carpenter's Box was quite the challenge for "Mr. Ed".

To get all the angles correct, before ever cutting any boards,
he first made a proto type of cardboard and duct tape.

Before the final assembly,
he used a router and made the spaces for plates inside the box.

I enjoy the festive fanfare side of my gray Carpenter's Box
as seen here using paper fans and U. S. American Flags for Fourth of July!

It matters not which Season of the year I chose,
this gray Carpenter's Box is quite the show stopper
as you can see when all decked out for Christmas On Crooked Creek.

I use my square Carpenter's Box mainly on the upper living level,
I find that my rectangular Carpenter's Box works amazingly well
in our lower level Family Room On Crooked Creek.

Featuring "Mr. Ed's" fly fishing dinnerware,
I created this Autumnal Carpenter's Box with a fresh flair of Autumns cool breezes
in the anticipation of our upcoming Annual Trout Fishing Trip.

Within On Crooked Creek's designs, I prefer subtle tones of the Seasons.

Christmas On Crooked Creek is one of my most decorative times of the Year!

Hardly a surface exists that isn't transformed into the Celebration of Christmas! 

From the Family Room Dining Table. . .

to the Family Room Coffee Table. . .

Oh, yes. . .
                   On Crooked Creek, "Mr. Ed" is a Carpenter!

. . .  and, I am his lady!

Until next time. . .

Friday, July 5, 2019

A Touch of Class. . .

Living in a 1970's Ranch Style House comes with numerous challenges.

One being my Galley Style Kitchen.

Having moved from a Farm Size, open, eat~in Kitchen to Galley Style
has kept me awake many a night trying to come to terms with my limitations.

With an entirely new color palette in February 2015,
"Mr. Ed" helped bring me to terms with the size limitation
of our 1970's Galley Style Kitchen.

While I will say my design style
is somewhere between Transitional and Traditional,
Timeless Classic Traditional works best
within On Crooked Creek's Galley Style Kitchen.

So~o~o. . .
This Spring,
I chose to update the on~site builders cabinetry with new hardware. 

Earlier in the updates,
"Mr. Ed" and I chose to spray paint the existing hardware black.

A Touch of Class has been added with the rimmed burnished brass exposure.

Several pieces of the hardware had to be ordered.

While I was patiently awaiting the missing pieces arrival,
"Mr. Ed" gave all the cabinetry a fresh coat of paint!

Although my 1970's Galley Style Kitchen still holds its size limitation,
adding new hardware has given it A Touch of Class!

Until next time. . .

Monday, July 1, 2019

Fourth of July Past. . .

Many of my followers know that On Crooked Creek
was lost into cyber space for nearly a year and a half.

During that time,
while I was unable to access my blog,
I posted photos to face book with short descriptions.

So~o~o. . .
I am creating a post from of our Fourth of July Past decor.


My vintage dress form, affectionately named "Lizzie"
(shortened form of Elizabeth) was brought into On Crooked Creek's Entry Hall
for our family Fourth of July Celebration!

I draped "Lizzie" in a U.S. Flag
and embellished her with a vintage lace collar,
a strand of heirloom pearls and cameo
and added two Dollar $tore U. S. Flags tucked into the crease of her shoulder.

Simplistic Dollar Tree paper fan folded in half
and a Dollar $tore U.S. Flag add a touch of "fan fare"
to the vintage piano sheet music holder behind the front door.

A touch of red, white and blue
was added to On Crooked Creek's Dining Room buffet and hutch.

A Fourth of July Fanfare Centerpiece 
created using Dollar Tree accessories was truly co$t effective and festive!

I used two packages of $1 paper folded fans,
two $1 plastic pinwheels and one $1 U.S. Flag tucked neatly between
vintage creamy ivory ironstone plates and saucers and faux red hydrangea.

Love the heirloom vintage white towels with red embroidery
for cushioning the vintage ironstone and as a table runner!

One last simplistic Fourth of July decoration
for the built~in china cabinet within On Crooked Creek's Dining Room.

As you celebrate this Fourth of July holiday,
may you pause and reflect on the true "co$t" of the many freedoms we experience.

Until next time. . .