Monday, April 20, 2015

2015's Project #5. . .

Since retiring,
"Mr. Ed" and I've evaluated how we utilize the upper level living areas
within our current lifestyle. 

We both realized, that as an on~going renewal,
a lighter, brighter more streamlined decor 
was greatly needed in On Crooked Creektt's Living Room.

It has been thirteen years since we'd done any redesigning
in our upper level Living Room.

Before. . .

No longer employed, 
spending our days at home On Crooked Creektt is a h u g e lifestyle change!

Spending ample time within our 1970's Ranch Style Home,
I found myself  c r a v i n g  the streamlined, 
Traditional Timeless Classic Style of my youth.

. . .After!

we have two separate living areas On Crooked Creektt.
By switching out the accent chairs on both the lower and upper levels,
I brought a neutral monochromatic color palette to our Living Room.

Incorporating much of what we already had made a simple solution 
for the transitioning from the previous Old World (heavy) Style 
to the Traditional Timeless Classic (lighter) Style with minimal effort and expense.

Before. . .

. . .After!

By continuing with the same neutral hue,
our 1970's Ranch Style Home has a sense of timeless sophistication.

"Mr. Ed" recently completed the painting of On Crooked Creektt's 
Entry Hall (here), Dining Room ( here ) and Living Room 
with Sherwin ~ Williams Sandbar SW 7547.
This ever changing taupe ~ to ~ gray shade has created a calm,
harmonious color palette throughout our upper level living areas.

Current lifestyles On Crooked Creektt lend our living areas to accommodate
accessories, books, personal memorabilia, sound system and the TV
and no longer are the formal parlors of generations past. 

Arriving On Crooked Creektt, the Entertainment Center was purchased
to showcase may of our collectibles and to house the electronics.

The Traditional Style of this piece 
will serve us well On Crooked Creektt and beyond. 

While it gives the appearance of one entire unit,
in actually, it is two separate units, allowing for versatility in placement.

Little change has taken place atop the Entertainment Center.

by simply re~arranging the oil lamps, 
I was able to create a more symmetrical design.

The cut glass design on the oil lamps, 
combined with the boxwood topiaries, gives textural contrast 
and adds visual interest to an otherwise monochromatic decor.

The continuation of vintage creamy ivory and white pottery bowls,
French busts, figurines and vases create a streamlined visual appeal 
within the monochromatic styling. 
The subtle shades of green accentuate our current Season of Spring.

To keep On Crooked Creektt's Living Room warm and moody
within the neutral monochromatic palette,
I've used terra cotta pots with the topiaries and 
green and honey gold hues within groupings of the oil lamps 
all of which lend a nod to nature.

Simple Spring faux silk flora fill the wrought iron cones,
alongside a favorite print of snow~capped trees and waterfall,
continues the neutral colors complimenting the Traditional Timeless Classic Style
as they relate to nature beyond the patio doors 
and connect to the Gardens On Crooked Creektt.

Choosing hues that reflect our current lifestyle, 
and remaining within a neutral color palette, 
evokes the outward emotional responses of calm, coziness and relaxation.

by thinking through our current lifestyle needs 
"Mr. Ed" and I have made sensible choices in our upper living areas,
that will endure decor and style changes for many years.

Ah~h~h. . .
a lighter, brighter more streamlined decor,
although an on~going renewal,
is liken a breath of fresh Spring air!

Until next time. . .

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podso said...

It's so nice when you can make changes just by "shopping your house" and moving things around.

Wilbert Bowers said...

What a big different the little changes can make. I am really impressed with this. I love seeing people make something that is so incredibly dated look new again. I did this with my grandparents basement. They had a great area for kids to play in but it was decades old and it just was not enjoyable to be there.

Wilbert Bowers @ Mirr Ranch Group