Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Duo Celebration. . .

June is the month 
of celebratingWedding Anniversaries On Crooked Creektt!

With our son and daughter~in~law 
celebrating their "13th" anniversary on June 1
and "Mr. Ed" and I celebrate our "45th" anniversary on June 7,
we have a two~fold reason for celebration!

So~o~o. . .
I set a Duo Celebration Tablescape for the four of us!

Our circular Dining Room table is a "perfect" size for two or three.

Adding the fourth place setting makes a "tight fit" in the space.
But as my MoMa said many times over,
"There's always room for one more."

Using my Bordallo Pinheiro Collection, keeps this table a bit less formal.

I began with an heirloom ecru hued square linen tablecloth.
I adore the curve of the hem and open work along the border.

I choose Cabbage Leaf place mats to mimic the ruffle edge of the tablecloth.
My vintage creamy ivory ironstone dinner plates 
placed atop the place mats will serve as chargers.

I placed the Bordallo Pinheiro dessert / salad plate atop the charger.
(We have reservations to take our son and daughter~in~law to dinner,
but gifting and dessert will be done at home afterwards.)

Everyday flatware will keep clean~up to a minimum,
allowing us to enjoy one another's company during the evening.

my everyday clear bubble glass stemware 
combined with a embroidered linen napkin that compliments the tablecloth
keeps the feeling lighthearted and festive.

A close~up of the rim. . .

. . .and the napkin gathered in a wooden napkin ring
blending with the brown rim of the dessert / salad plate.

Miniature white vases holding faux snowball florals
accentuate the place setting adding a romantic touch!

While visiting my almost 92 year old Dad this past week,
I made a stop to my favorite Home Decor and Gift Shop, The Iron Star!

It was a "good thing"!

The newest piece to my collection is this Bordallo Pinheiro Cabbage Leaf Tray!!!

As the centerpiece for this duo celebration tablescape,
I had earlier thoughts of leaving it plain.

I realized by adding a few condiment accessories,
I could enhance the beauty of the Cabbage Leaf Tray. 

I'll be serving individual shortcakes
topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

The creamer will hold half~n~half for pouring atop the berries.
Although I'll place sugar in the sugar bowl for the strawberries,
I seriously doubt any of us will be using the vintage salt and pepper shakers.

Dinner reservations followed by a dessert tablescape
make for an evening of laughter and sharing.

A delightful Duo Celebration On Crooked Creektt! 

Until next time. . .

On Crooked Creektt will be joining

And. . .

Be sure to visit both of these amazing hostesses 
for inspiring decor ideas for your own home!


Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

What a great table you've set! You have some really nice Bordallo Pinheiro pieces. I really like the design on the plates and the new tray is wonderful. I like how you added the condiments to the tray- functional and attractive! You can always toss salt over your shoulder for good luck while sitting there! Happy (early) Anniversary Wishes! 45 is something to be proud of for sure!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Happiest of Anniversaries to you and Mr.Ed!! I remember, June use to be THE month to get married when I was young. Funny, you probably did not know I was married before and yes my anniversary was June 7th too, 6-7-80

Marigene said...

Pat, I think you know I really like this's green!
I have a few things from the Iron Star, too. I also visit the Country Cupboard in FS as the owner is a good friend and classmate of my hubby's. We will be down there Saturday for FS Good Ol'Days.
Have a very Happy Anniversary...Mr. Ed needs to do something special for your 45 years of happiness and love!

Alycia Nichols said...

Happy Anniversary to all!!! That's neat that your anniversaries fall so close together so that you can celebrate together!

This is such a pretty table, Pat, and I like it that you've created something that won't require a ton of effort for clean up. You should be spending that time together...not chained to the kitchen sink!

Hooray for your new cabbage tray! Very pretty!!!

Hooray for your dear ol' Dad at 92 years young! I love that!

Judy Biggerstaff said...

Happy Anniversaries! Love, love your green table. As always I love Bordallo plate and your centerpiece is perfect with your new platter. Great tablecloth too.

Michelle said...

Hi Pat,
Visiting you via Linderhof...just love your cabbage plates! And I spy some awfully pretty embroidered napkins there too. Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

So lovely...those plates are wonderful and I love how you have used them.

Christine Graves said...

Such a stunning table and I am loving the picture of the rim shot! I Pinned it and also added it to Stumble Up...the leaf charger is one I have been meaning to do because seeing your table it reinforces what great texture it adds. Happy Anniversary to both lovely couples!