Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dance With Me. . .

"Mr. Ed" and I spent a large portion of our dating years
attending the local Teen Town. . .dancing.

But try as I may,
I can no longer get him to dance with me.

He does watch Dancing With The Stars each season.
Knowing he learns best by observation,
I am continually filled with hope with each episode.

"Mr. Ed" warms up for our Arthritis Tai Chi Session.

As part of our retirement quest to stay active and fit,
this past Autumn, "Mr. Ed" and I began attending 
Beginning Arthritis Tai Chi at our local Senior Center.

Waving Hands In The Clouds. . .

This beginning class teaches twelve basic forms
and six advanced forms of Tai Chi.

Tying The Coat. . .

Sun Style Tai Chi , one of four widely recognized styles, 
is especially suitable and effective for arthritis.

Tai Chi aligns posture, improves balance, increases flexibility, 
heart and lung activity, and muscle strength
while integrating the mind and body.

Fair Lady At The Station. . .

Heel Toe Kick. . .

                          Stroking The Bird's Feathers. . .

"Mr. Ed" and I advanced to the Intermediate Arthritis Tai Chi 
in January of this year. . .and we enjoy this class immensely.

"Mr. Ed" and friend, Ken after our Tai Chi Class!

April 26, 2014 was World Class Tai Chi Day.
We were thrilled to participate with a group of 18 
from the Derby and Wichita Areas at Hemann Hill Park, Wichita.

Parry and. . .


Tying The Coat. . .

Our local High Park was recently the sight for Seniors In The Park Day.
Several from our Intermediate Arthritis Tai Chi Class demonstrated
the twelve basic forms while other Seniors joined in.
Laughter abounds when you put a group of Seniors together!!! 

The Four Amigos!
Mike, "Mr. Ed", Ken Mattoon (Instructor), (Other) Ken.

So~o~o. . .

Waving Hands In The Clouds.

every Monday and Wednesday morning,

Fair Lady At The Station.

"Mr. Ed" and I dance along side of one another.

Heel Toe Kick.

I remain hopeful that in due time. . .

"Mr. Ed" will, once again. . .dance with me!

Until next time. . .


At Rivercrest Cottage said...

hey Pat, that looks like fun. Buy a DVD of ball room dancing or line dancing, and practice in your front room together. We did that and it really helped getting us back on the dance floor.

podso said...

Pat you aren't the only one that wishes her husband would dance with her! This looks promising! You are getting closer!

bj said...

We don't dance any more, either. Used to do it a lot....guess it just comes with older age. :)

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Good for you 2 for keeping fit! I hope I can get my MR to do something like that together someday when we retire!

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Joe and I MET at a dance in college and now he will ONLY slow dance if I drag him out on the floor:):) We have a guy who lives here and is a DJ and he does music at alot of our socials. We women dance all night with the occasional guy mixing in!!!! Here's hoping Mr. Ed will come around and REALLY dance with you!!!!!