Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tree Drawing. . .

"Mr. Ed" has finally quit counting 
all the Christmas Trees stored each year On Crooked Creektt!

This Autumn, I had unexpected but very necessary surgery.
Climbing upon the ladder is still a "tender" topic.
Therefore, I only decorated two Christmas Trees!

Our faux "slim" Christmas Tree, 
which is usually decorated and sits in the Dining Room,
is greeting our guests On Crooked Creektt's Entry Hall.

I began by winding wooden ball garland around 
the trees tiny branches for a touch of natural color.

I added petite plate ornaments, clear glass, silver 
and white miniature ornaments tied on with creamy ivory bows.

"Mr. Ed" affixed 2" X 4" boards 
stacked in the base of the galvanized bucket.
Then he drilled holes into the boards the size of the tree base.
He added more support by draping a towel around the inside of the bucket.

Of course,

much liken to those who take respite in our Gardens On Crooked Creektt,
I thought this pair of hares needed to be at the base of the tree!

A creamy ivory and gold satin ribbon 
tied into a bow acts as a simplistic topper.

Our second Christmas Tree On Crooked Creektt
is the result of a Tree Drawing.

Many years ago, on the other side of the Prairie,
I was the lucky winner of a $100 Gift Certificate at the local Flower Shop!

With a male dominant household,
our decor was strongly Southwestern design.
So~o~o. . .I used my gift certificate to purchase our Lodge Tree.

This year, 
instead of using a garland,
I added a 3 inch wide wired burlap ribbon.

I am quite pleased with the layer of softness it gives our Lodge Tree.

I purchased the gilded bronze thin garland 

for 60% off at an after Christmas $ale!
I adore how it radiates a glimmering reflection 
from the 300 clear mini tree lights.

When I purchased these faux soft hued green coral sprigs,
I had envisioned using them elsewhere within my Christmas decor.
However, I adore the texture and shimmer they bring to the tree!

Adding silvery springs of holly leaves
brings another layer of softness to the branches.

Ornaments collected over the years include,
silver and gold snowflakes. . .

satiny gold embossed ornaments . . .

frosted figgy teardrops. . .

more satiny gold ornaments and snowflakes. . .

and bronze and gilded pine cones tied on with gold satin ribbons. 

Now transformed. . .
one must look closely to envision the Lodge Tree
that is neatly tucked into the corner 
of our Living Room On Crooked Creektt!

Learning from one's mistakes,
I bought the Christmas Tree Skirt as they arrived
instead of waiting for an after Christmas $ale!

It appears that "Mr. Ed" subtly hinted 
he was missing all the other Christmas Trees
from On Crooked Creektt's collection!

I found this delightful "art work" in our Kitchen. . .
a Tree drawing for Christmas On Crooked Creektt!

Until next time. . .

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Art and Sand said...

I am visiting via Cozy Little House.

I am sorry to hear that you had surgery and hope that you are doing well. Your simple decorations are beautiful. I love the ribbon on the tree.