Thursday, October 17, 2013

Shopping Our Town. . .

Our town,
                  is a very, very, very nice town!

Indeed, it is!!! 
Convenient and easy to maneuver around.

Over the past few years we've enjoyed growth 
that has resulted in state~of~the~art Marketplace.

All that is well and good;
however, I do still enjoy the one~of~a~kind,
unique and vintage shopping experience.

So~o~o. . .
I'm inviting you to join me as I visit a few of those
one~of~a~kind, unique and vintage booths 
at our town Antique Mall which opened this Autumn.

Today, we'll visit three booths which are operated by my local friends!!!

Roadhouse Antiques
is a locally owned and operated Gift and Antique Shop
here in our town which recently expanded to a booth space
@ The Derby Antique Mall. 

Walls are build from vintage barn wood, screen doors and shelving units!
Step inside for a unique primitive, rustic, shabby chic shopping experience!

Of course, this is but a sampling of the owners original shop,
located off K~15 Highway in our town, 
where merchandise is continually changing!!!

Conveniently located next to Roadhouse Antiques booth,
is another friend and local lady 
with some of the most exquisitely handmade merchandise in the Antique Mall!

Primitive Ridge showcases an Edwardian Era 
with soft laces, beading and velvet throughout the booth.

For this hopeless romantic with a love of all things vintage,
it was difficult to leave this booth. . .

when I turned around. . .
this is what caught my eye!!!

Sweet Pea Antiques,
this amazing booth from another local lady is just adorable!!!
An eclectic mix of vintage finds that beckons one step inside, indeed!!!

I was thrilled to see the booths of three local friends 
and wish them much success with this adventure!!!

An important reminder to shop locally for whatever your needs may be.
Adorable, inviting booths and unique, vintage, one~of~a~kind merchandise
are a sure way to find a treasured gift for any on your shopping list. . .
or, perhaps, a little something for yourself!!!

Until next time. . .

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * FYI:

Dear Ones,

I am taking much l o n g e r to heal from my surgery 
than I thought reasonable. However, a recent return visit 
to my physician assured me that all is coming along well.

So~o~o. . .
Please know that I appreciate each and every prayer lifted up on my behalf.
Although, I'm still needing periods of rest and relaxation 
to make my recovery complete, I'll be around to visit, soon!



Phyllis Stanko said...

So many cool things, I have to go back and look again, love all the vintage finds...

bj conklin said...

When you started your new blog, could you have used your original blog name or were you required to use a new name?