Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Beyond The Patio Doors. . .

As I share my tablescapes On Crooked Creektt,
I often mention the view through the patio doors.(here)

Follow me today and I'll share what lies beyond the patio doors. . .

May 2014

No fancy chair cushions or throw pillows,
for this Spring and Summer On Crooked Creektt we have had ample rain.

Refreshing rain, that continues to keep the grass and landscape green! 
The cushions remain within the garage for storage until needed.

Most years in the Gardens On Crooked Creektt,
I choose a subtle color palette of creamy ivory, soft buttery yellows,
heathery lavenders and variegated greens.

May 2014

This year, I chose vibrant colors to awaken and contrast 
the grassy greens of the various Gardens.

Mexican Heather and Zinnias 
are a harmonious combination for our viewing pleasure beyond the patio doors.

Although the bakers rack is somewhat difficult to view from the patio doors,
it, too carries the color scheme of the Gardens.

May 2014

New to On Crooked Creektt's Gardens 
are the African Queen Fern and a Firecracker Plant.

May 2014

Off the back deck 
is a stone path that leads to the On Crooked Creektt's Herb Garden.

July 2014

With our harsh Winter of 2013,
I lost most of the herbs that normally Winter~over.

The only ones that survived were the onion chive 
gifted to me by my Joy Circle Sister, Pam. . .
some Lemon Thyme and a Garlic Chive.

Newly planted Basil, Dill, Parsley, Rosemary and Sage
have been added to the Herb Garden since May 2014.

Along with the Sage,
I've added a purplish Sweet Potato Vine for added variance to the Herb Garden.

Along the border of the Herb Garden On Crooked Creektt
set landscaping timbers that feature heirloom vintage wagon wheels.

Among the wagon wheels are years of continuing addition of vinca vines.

A bird feeder hangs from the tree
as well as bird seed in a pie pan on the ground and seed upon a stone.

"Mr. Ed" generously feeds 
the many birds that frequent On Crooked Creektt's Gardens,
a neighborhood squirrel affectionately named "Fred"
and our resident rabbit called "Pee Wee".
Below is a comical photo of the Mourning Dove Trio. . .
Maude, Claude and Todd.

"Pee Wee" was born in the Gardens On Crooked Creektt
in the Spring of 2013 and stayed through the Winter beneath our deck.

He shows little fear of "Mr. Ed" or I.
I was approximately three~to~four feet 
from "Pee Wee" in the above photos. 

And while I have no photos of "Fred",
our son and daughter~in~law gifted us with this adorable look~alike 
for On Crooked Creektt's Gardens this past Christmas.

"Mr. Ed's" Dragoon Soldier 
keeps daily and nightly watch over the Herb Garden and its "residents".

Retirement affords one with time to gaze upon the wonders of our World.

"Mr. Ed" and I hope that you've enjoyed a bit of our world . . .

with a tour of the Herb Garden . . .
                                                              beyond the patio doors.

Until next time. . .

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Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Thanks for the tour, Pat! I love the bunny pictures! How nice that you have an herb garden too. We have not gotten much rain this summeryet but today it is coming! It is HOT and HUMID here in Pa. 82 already at 9AM and going to 98! UGH. Enjoy your holiday weekend! God Bless America!

Prairie Patch Quilts said...

I have enjoyed the tour of your garden. Love that you put seed out for the birds, squirrel, and rabbit. Your herb garden looks like it is doing very well. I can imagine that you could feel quite peaceful in your special backyard garden. Love how you have named the doves. :)

Michal Woodruff said...

Oh really nice. Such a beautiful space you've created. It looks so peaceful and pleasant. It looks like it smells good too. :) I enjoyed my visit.

Christine Graves said...

WHat a wonderful space you have! and I love that you shared Fred and Pee Wee....too cute!

Linda P said...

Hi Pat, isn't great being retired? Your yard looks lovely. Love the herb garden, so nice to have for cooking. Pee Wee and Fred are just too cute for words. I see you have a great sense of humor. Happily your newest follower, Linda