Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Indoor Gardening. . .

Inspiration comes from a variety of sources On Crooked Creektt.
Today's inspiration comes from the lush green that is still evident
here on the Prairie after two Summers of drought.

As Summertime temperatures arrive,
it's time to experience the Indoor Gardening On Crooked Creektt.

Most of the year, 
the conservatory contains Spring decor while residing in Studio One. 
Seldom does it make an appearance in the upper level living area.

Bringing a touch of a luxurious Garden scene to the Entry Hall,
I filled the conservatory with a tranquil monochromatic color scheme
consisting of creamy ivory urns filled with moss balls and
lacy white birds atop orb statutes to cheerfully welcome
family and guests as they arrive On Crooked Creektt.

Stately lidded urns adorn the area to the right. 
I adore the simplistic elegance of their design.

'Angel of the Garden' from my Willow Tree Collection,
rests beneath a tasseled cloche overseeing the delights of ones labors. 
Miniature faux succulents are grouped in mass beneath
a petite cloche complete with a scrolled wrought iron base.

Our 1970's Ranch Style Home On Crooked Creektt
with its long, narrow Entry Hall is filled with challenges.

Panoramically viewed from every room of the West Wing,

the decor in the Entry Hall must be pleasing to the eye. . .

from the entrance of our home. . .

coming up from the lower level. . .

and. . .
entering from the upper level Living Room!

Tranquil, elegantly inspired by nature, combined with a sense of spiritually 
is our lush and green luxurious Indoor Gardening vignette. . .
On Crooked Creektt.

Until next time. . .

On Crooked Creektt will be joining

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Shelia Williamson said...

Well, poop, Pat! Here I was all worrying about your blog and you've been doing fine with this beautiful new one! :) I'm so glad I found out what was happening. Your new conservatory is gorgeous and I love all that you've poked in there too.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

I have always wanted one of those little green houses, so fun to decorate. Always love green and white together.