Friday, March 18, 2016

NEW Front Porch. . .

Our NEW Front Porch On Crooked Creektt is nearing completion!

The process was challenging to both "Mr. Ed" and I 
and to our Contractor and Concrete Workman.

NEW Front Porch and Steps!

One of the main challenges 
was the placement of how close our driveway sets to the house.

NEW Front Porch, Steps and Landing!

The other huge challenge was were to end the steps 
and not have persons walking into On Crooked Creektt's  Rose Garden.

NEW Porch, Steps and Landing!

My inability to draw that which I can see in "my mind's eye"
created a few interesting discussions with "Mr. Ed" and our Contractor!

Thank goodness for our Concrete Workman!
Not only did he understand, but replied. . ."Piece of Cake"!

It's as if "Mr. Ed" and our Contractor kept telling me, 
"You can't put rounded steps inside of a rectangular space."

Layout of the original "Stoop". . .

Layout of the original "Stoop". . .

Layout of the original "Stoop". . .

Once I brought out the chalk,
and instructed "Mr. Ed" to make some archs on the existing concrete,
a design plan was put into motion.

The Design Process. . .

I had "Mr. Ed" draw semi~circles on the existing concrete
from the edge of the driveway towards the rock facade 
of our 1970's Ranch Style Home.

The Design Process. . .

As you can see, there were many trial and error attempts
before we arrived at the finished design. 

The Design Process. . .

Once we had a "visual", 
both "Mr. Ed" and our Contractor were confident to move forward!

DEMO Day #2!
Concrete Demo Day!

Of course,
once everyone, "Mr. Ed", I, our Contractor and our Cement Workman
were all in agreement and "on board" with the design and construction. . .
it rained! 

With rain comes delays.

For three more days we waited.

Forms in place for the NEW Front Porch and Steps!

Forms in place for the NEW Front Porch and Steps!

Ours being a "smaller job", 
we were put on a "low priority" for cement at the cement factory!

Forms were reinforced. . .

and steps reinforced. . .

and landing reinforced.

The sun was shining brightly and my heart was filled with anticipation 
when I saw the truck and cement mixer arrive!

Concrete Workman and the Cement Mixer arrive
On Crooked Creektt!

Such a beautiful sight. . .
Three yards of cement for our NEW Front Porch!

Drum Roll. . .

I was absolutely thrilled that these two men worked
the rest of the afternoon to complete the work 
needed to finish On Crooked Creektt's  NEW Front Porch! 

Concrete Workman doing the "Mud Stomp".

Concrete Workman smoothing the cement.

Concrete Workman bringing the cement down the steps
and into the landing.

Over the past fourteen years
On Crooked Creektt's Front Entry has gone from a "stoop". . .

The original "Stoop"
and the beginnings of the Front Deck!

to a deck. . .

The weathered Front Deck.

to a proper Front Porch!

On Crooked Creektt's NEW Front Porch!

"Mr. Ed's" Seal of Approval!

Of course, "Mr. Ed" and I aren't completely finished.

We both agree, that On Crooked Creektt's NEW Front Porch
needs some custom railings!

It is with a grateful heart that I thank Kathryn @ The Dedicated House

And. . .

Until next time. . .

* * * FYI * * *
Dear Ones,
With a grateful heart, I thank each of you for following along
the reconstruction and finally the completed NEW Front Porch!

Oh, yes. . .
there was ample "happy dancing" as the cement truck arrived!
And even more, as "Mr. Ed" and I first walked out onto the NEW
Front Porch and down the "easy steps"! 

Custom railings are being researched in our area.
"Mr. Ed" and I have been visiting a few Garden Centers 
for NEW Front Porch decor, as well.

Stay tuned!
There's always an adventure in the planning, On Crooked Creektt!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Pat! Oh, your front porch and curved steps look wonderful! Yay to you for knowing what you want and getting it! I'm glad to know you found another tureen like the one you got at your shower! Thanks always for popping in to see me and have a nice weekend.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Pat, the steps came out really nice. Your idea for a curve was probably best in the small space; a rectangle would be two directions, and someone could fall. Great solution, and it looks pretty. Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo Su

Betty said...

WOW !!!!!!!!!!! It looks so much better.


Wow, such mayor job and your round step idea was perfect! I love it and I can't wait to see the railing your going to choose to finish this wonderful NEW to your home, lovely friend.

podso said...

I love the color and the roundness … you had a good eye for what you wanted and it looks good there. Have fun choosing the railing!

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

I'm a big fan of doing things with curves. This turned out so nicely and I'm glad you were able to convince them that yes you can put in a curved design in a rectangular shaped area! What a great update for your home!

Martha said...

I like your new porch! It's much more welcoming. I can't wait to see what you do with the space this Spring!

southern seazons said...

Pat, I love your new front porch. The rounded steps look great. Have a great weekend.
Jody@Southern Seazons

Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...

What a wonderful, positive addition. It looks great! I'm sure you are very excited. I know that I sure would be. Have fun with it!

Marigene said...

Your new entryway is awesome, Pat! Bet you are happy the work is done, finally.
Enjoy the weekend.

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

Your new porch looks so good with her new curves! I also liked the porch too! Don't want anyone walking on your rose gardens that's for sure! Have a great day!

The French Hutch said...

Hi Pat, Wow, what a transformation! I really love your round steps and how they extend out to the landing and driveway. Your concrete man did a great job of "listening" so you have what you envisioned. I love it, and your house!
Happy Spring Pat……….

Art and Sand said...

I love your new rounded porch. I have always wanted one at our house, but in brick.

Thanks for sharing at SYC.

Anonymous said...

Hi again, Pat! Thanks for the info about Dillons. I haven't seen one of those either. We have Hannafords, Price Chopper, and Shop Rites. Happy Easter to you, my friend.
Be a s weetie,
Shelia ;)

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Bravo on a job well done! These projects can be so trying!. I'm all admiration. Hope it's a lovely Easter for you!

Unknown said...

Love it. Our front steps curve like this. Great job!

Sylvia said...

Pat, I love the front porch. Good job for all involved. Thanks for the progress in pictures. Sylvia D.

xinex said...

Y'all did a perfect job on the front porch, Pat. It turned out beautifully....Christine

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Pat, your new porch really looks fabulous! Love her pretty curves. :)
Thanks for sharing with SYC.

Lori @ Dining Delight said...

Thanks for taking us through the step by step process of how you got your new front porch. A very interesting post - love hearing about how others go through renos especially when working together with your spouse to come up with a plan. Your project turned out wonderfully and I know the new railings and eventual décor will make it look even more impressive. Happy Easter!

Christine @ Rustic-Refined said...

Good for you, you stuck to your guns! Love the rounded corners. As much as we love the man in our life, sometimes they just don't get our vision! So glad to see how great it looks and that you got the look you wanted. It looks wonderful. Good job Pat!

Angelina at Petite Haus said...

Loving the rounded corners on your new porch. Looks great!

Unknown said...

The curves worked out perfectly, Pat! I am so glad for you. A gentle reminder to mark your steps so they can easily be differentiated. At one time my late mother fell face first coming out of a building with steps that appeared exactly the same to her. She was in her sixties when it happened, not an 'old' person. I don't want y'all to get hurt on your new steps!

The Stonybrook House said...

Your front porch steps look awesome! Great job! Can't wait to see it all decorated. :) Thanks for sharing!

Rita C at Panoply said...

Pat, I was on the current post and HAD to backtrack to see this project as it unfolded. Oh, I just know you are in love with the end results! I can feel the anxiety and the anticipation of each step you must've felt as the work began, the design came together, and the how it ended well. We are currently in the throes of having our front balcony reworked, correcting original design flaws. I am very hopeful. Your porch looks wonderful, and I am certain it gives you great, positive perspective on your home and living there. What perfect timing, with Spring!

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Your new porch looks wonderful Pat! Love the curved steps; lovely!
Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!