Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Silver And Gold. . .

Silver and gold,
                    Silver and gold. . .
I love hearing this vintage Burl Ives Christmas Carol each year.

Christmas On Crooked Creekt 
is fashionably decorated in silver and gold 
on the upper level Christmas Tree.

A 6 foot Traditional Fir Christmas Tree 
is decked in silver, gold, creamy ivory 
and an abundance of miniature white lights.

By using a variety of spheres, circular ornaments 
and a sprinkling of over sized snowflakes,
I've created interest within a monochromatic color palette.

All around the perimeter, 
gold wired ribbon adorns the Traditional Christmas Tree.
An occasional silver leaf pic fills in void areas.

High atop the tree 
sits a porcelain Angel of coordinating hues.

I adore her ethereal appearance!

A white Christmas Tree skirt 
trimmed in subtle, shimmering gold 
and donning silver snowflakes encircles the base of our tree.

Silver and gold,
                     silver and gold. . .
ready for the making of priceless memories for Christmas On Crooked Creektt!

Merry Christmas!

Until next time. . .


Patricia Krank said...

I love the neutrals of silver and gold. Gorgeous tree dear Pat.
Merry Christmas and a great big hug,

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Your silver and gold, is beautiful! Sorry I have not commented my lap top would not charge, just got it back yesterday.....just in time to wish you and Mr. Ed a Very Merry Christmas dear friend!