Saturday, April 12, 2014

Studio One Vignettes. . .

Studio One has definitely been in need of attention
since returning from our Bits 'N Pieces Spring Booth.

So~o~o. . .
today as I finished preparing some left~over inventory
for an upcoming TAG $ale, I freshened a few vignettes.

My display area of handmade cards was in the greatest need of updating!

Above. . .
is the freshened newly designed area in Studio One!

As you can see, there aren't many handmade cards in the photo 
                                                                                                           . . . Below.

After removing everything and giving the enameled top a good cleaning,
I cut a width of designer gift wrap in keeping with my subtle color palette,
to protect the top.

At the right side of the table , 
a vintage heirloom lamp was placed atop a hand crocheted doily
supporting the same hues as the designer paper.

Placing my revolving card display rack on the left side of the table
and a shabby chic shelf for added height, 
will bring more visual appeal within the vignette.

This letter holder was purchased many years ago.
I was quite smitten with the soft hues, chippy paint and the adorable bird
that peeks out between the neutral toned envelopes tucked inside the holder.

I put a vintage inspired post card within one of my favorite frames.

I surrounded the frame and the letter holder 
with a trio of shabby chic iron birds.

Directly behind the framed postcard print, I placed my glass apothecary jars. 
One is filled with pieces of satin ribbons, the other vintage embroidery thread.

On Crooked Creektt
one can n e v e r have enough notepads!
Memos, notes and check lists are a m u s t!

I truly, adore these subtle hued, over~sized notepads
on my vintage silver toast stand!

Next to the notepads are my planning and sketching notebooks.
. . .and yes, 

I've already begun designing new merchandise for our upcoming Fall Booth!

Studio One will enjoy a short break in the next few weeks.
But soon, very soon, it will once again, be a flurry of activity
with the designing of merchandise for Bits 'n Pieces Fall Show!!!

Until next time. . .

On Crooked Creektt will be joining

Susan @ Between Naps On The Porchfor Metamorphosis Monday!

Be sure to visit. . .
you'll come away filled with inspiring ideas 
for use in your own home decor!


Marigene said...

Looking great, Pat! Neat way to display your beautiful cards.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Wow, while I was where you! love all your things, glad it was a success!

Bonnie said...

Your displays are very attractive. Your lamp alone would woe me into your booth but everything else looks appealing too. I bet your cards are wonderful.

Thank you for your kind visit, Pat. Have a great Easter next Sunday.