Saturday, January 18, 2014

Simplistic Progression. . .

My life On Crooked Creektt is routinely structured.

Interestingly enough, 
one can see definite and specific patterns through the years.

Once Christmas has been celebrated,
decorations re~organized and packed away,
a simplistic progression begins. . .

2014 has, once again, begun with a streamlined decor.
The past two years of editing and purging accessories
has brought about a tranquil sense of interior design 
that I associate with Traditional Style decor.

Continual blending of my favorite warm hues of sage greens,
golds, reds and taupe's combined with the more subtle cool hues 
of aquas, linen, gray and off~white creates interesting challenges.

This iron birdcage Crown is my most recent find from* Iron Star
Oh, dear ones, I am quite smitten with its size and shape!

The gray and off ~ white patina 
allow the Crown to blend with any color palette, but is especially fitting 
for blending warm and cool tones On Crooked Creektt.

A simple faux boxwood wreath tucked neatly inside the birdcage
and one of my white lacy porcelain birds perched atop its pedestal
add a touch of whimsy to this simplistic vignette.

My thought, when placing the silver tray here was to fill it with chocolates.
However, I think I'll hold off awhile on that thought.
(Seems I've found a few "extra" pounds during the Holiday Parties. . .ugh!)

We are enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures 
for this time of year, here on the Prairie, 
as you can see by the radiant sunshine streaming from the patio doors!

Soon, very soon, the progression of Spring decor 
will begin On Crooked Creektt
But for now, I'm content with the serenity of this Winter vignette.

Until next time. . .

* * * * * * * A Fun Story To Share * * * * * * *
While visiting my 91 1/2 year old Dad, I usually stop into Iron Star.

On this particular visit to the shop, two ladies were ahead of me 
as we meandered from room~to~room. I kept my distance, as to not
bother them in their search of treasures.

As I stood behind them in line at the check~out counter holding the 
birdcage Crown, one of the ladies turned to me and said, 
"Where did you find that?"

When I told her, she left the line and went back into the room 
where I had found the Crown. She returned quite perplexed.
She couldn't find another and wanted to barter with me for the Crown.

I told her I come all the way from the other side of the Prairie
just to shop at Iron Star for unique finds. She then informed me
that she had come from another town, nearly an hour away,
for the same reason.

By now, the Shop owner was in search of another Crown,
but alas, I had found the only one of its size. Knowing that she was not
able to talk me out of my find, the woman softened some and gave me
suggestions of how to display my newly acquired find. I politely thanked
her and we both left peacefully from the shop.

Now, each time, I gaze upon my birdcage Crown, I will remember this
unique encounter and smile that I have yet to place a candle inside the cage!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Martha said...

A neat find -- but then the Iron Star is special! And often there are "one of a kinds"!!!! I do the same -- my January decorating is peaceful . . . before the real spring decorating begins!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Finders, keepers! Your bird looks perfectly at home. I'm glad you found that special something after all that. I'm still shifting things around myself. But I'm keeping things simple too. I'm loving the unusual warm weather too. I wonder what will happen next?


Oh sweet Pat, the vignettes are lovely, I specially love the Crown! I'm so stupid for not buying a Crown on sale the other day...I slapped my hand and now I'm sorry,lol! You did find that special thing with the birdie, it's also a fab piece, actually they all are!!! Thanks for visiting me. I just became your latest follower, which is weird I haven't done it before with someone I like so much...sorry!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Love this little vignette Pat, the green really catches my eye (and I usually don't like green)!!

Christine Graves said...

I'm glad you found that's beautiful!

podso said...

That's a great find with that sweet bird cage. I love your green vases. I am enjoying a bit "less" around the house after The Christmas "more." Have a good week. Pat!

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

I love that story about the woman trying to barter with you on your find at the store! I do like that crown a lot and would have been intrigued by it too, but it's funny how she thought she could intimidate you to let go of it, then offer you suggestions on how to decorate it!
I just had someone who tried to convince me to sell them something they saw on my blog. She wouldn't take no for an answer and even offered me $400 for an item that was $120 originally. Then she sent me a link with some items to try and convince me I could buy something like that and be just as happy. Gees! I had a hard time convincing her I wasn't selling and I wanted to tell her she was a fool for offering so much but I didn't! :-)
Love the ddition of the green urns- what a great pop of color!

Chatfield Court said...

I see that you love green too! The crown is a great find and I love the pots and the vignette that you made. Thank you for visiting with me.

Little Miss Maggie said...

I love that crown and I wouldn't have parted with it either. Your vignette is wonderful.

Lori L Lehman said...

LOVE the crown!! It is so unique! Thank you for visiting my blog I really appreciate it, have a great day, Lori