Sunday, June 23, 2013

Early Morning Garden. . .

This week marks the observation 
of my first entire year of "early retirement".

Much like the Fernleaf Dill of The Herb Garden 
On Crooked CreekttI've come 'full circle'.

Like many new retirees,
I had a full 'wish list' that I wanted to complete within this year.
"Mr. Ed" recently helped to check one of those 'to do's' off my list.

A new Garden Gate 
to camouflage his 'over~size' garden necessities.
He did an amazing job!!!!

For the most part,
even in retirement, I'm an early morning riser.

Morning is my special time of the day.
I adore its freshness.

While the coffee brews, I begin my day in devotional reading.

Then Scripture reading. . .
and a time for reflection.

Filled with His goodness,
I embrace my daily prayer time 
and wait to hear His voice for guidance for the day.

If I'm patient,
He provides the direction I need for the day.
Although I may not fully grasp the majesty of His plan. . .

in His time, 
He enlightens me along my way.

Beginning as a mere glimpse of where my energies need to focus. . .

throughout the day His meaning becomes 'crystal clear'!

I'm learning more and more, with each retirement day,
to trust him to guide my path 
as I meander through the journey of life On Crooked Creektt.

I am renewed and refreshed.
Early Morning Garden. . .

Until next time. . .


Anonymous said...

Your dill looks great. We planted some this year.

I love the sunflowers, of course.

podso said...

Thanks for letting me know. I like your new blog. Pretty design and colors, and your gardens are so lovely!

Debra Oliver said...

Hi Pat, your new blog is beautiful, I'll be sure and make the changes on my blogroll. Love seeing your wonderful garden! xo Debra

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

So blessed that you can enjoy your retirement. I just pray Mr. and I CAN retire someday, be healthy and enjoy our home and garden together for many years. Just like I pray the same for you and MR Ed.