Monday, February 24, 2014

Cowgirl Chic. . .

From the moment I first saw this "cast away",
I knew  e x a c t l y  what color it would be!

I know I'm not a furniture whisperer. . .
but I'm sure I heard this four~drawer dresser shouting,
"Make me pretty!"

And so~o~o. . . 
I began with a vision in my head 
of what this petite scarred and homely dresser could become.

I began with a coat of bonding primer.
On the dresser itself. . .

and all four drawers!

"Mr. Ed" attached these cute little "bun" feet.

* * * * * * * Tip * * * * * * *
Of course,
"Mr. Ed" always accompanies me
when I go shopping for furniture accessories.

Far too many times, 
I've purchased the wrong item or forgotten the needed hardware!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Before adding these "bun" feet ,
"Mr. Ed" had to cut and attach a bottom board to the cabinet.

a complete coat of Lampshade Black of Martha Stewart Collection
from Sherwin~Williams Paint gave this petite "little lady" that perfect
Little Black Dress!

No more scarring,
no more scratches. . .
just sleek and streamlined all dressed in Black!

But w a i t  just one minute. . .
the vision from the beginning 
was that this four~drawer dresser would be Red. . .Cherry Red!

Isn't she l o v e l y?

After her Little Black Dress,
I applied a layer of crackle medium.

The hardest part is the required amount of wait time
before brushing on a coat of Cherry Red and observing
the character building this process brings to the piece of furniture.

 two coats of sealer were applied atop the red.

After which, 
"Mr. Ed" fastened the s t a r drawer pulls to each drawer. . .
all tips pointing upwards!

This petite four~drawer dresser 
went from scratched and scarred. . .

to Cowgirl Chic!

The transformation was every thing I had envisioned it would be!

No more shouts. . .
but I do believe I heard her say, "Ah~h~h. . ."

Until next time. . .

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Martha said...

Love what you did to that dresser! It should fly out of your space!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

it turned out just darling. I'm intrigued by your use of primer and think I might try some.

Pat Cantwell said...

Dear Ones,
I use a Sherwin~Williams Bonding Primer on wood furniture, frames, etc.
I chose NOT to sand...just wash the piece down to remove dust, furniture polish, grime. . .then one coat of primer. This bonds the paint to the wood and gives excellent coverage. You can still distress, if you choose.
I use 1/8 cup of Dawn Dishwashing liquid to a pail of warm water to wash the furniture. Wipe down with cool, clear water and allow the furniture piece to dry completely!

Miss Char said...

Pat, I was lovin this piece when you showed the black but the addition of the red and the star pulls just gave this old girl new life. Bravo!

Shelia said...

Hi Pat! I love how this little girl turned out! The crackle finish looks great and the star knobs are just perfect! Mr. Ed and you did a great job.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Whistle, whistle...she is a star, so pretty!

BlueClearSky Elizabeth said...

I too thought the black was a huge improvement but the red is wow so pretty. Love love how Mr. Ed added the bun feet and the star knobs are gorgeous. I hope I can find some one day.

Debra Oliver said...

she's adorable, LOVE the color with those great star knobs!

Christine Graves said...

She turned out beautifully. I love that you added the bun feet and gave her a nice lift.

Great job!

Dawn WeCallItJunkin said...

Yes, I'd have to say major improvement! You did a lot of work on this, and it really paid off. I'm so glad you've joined us over at my History & Home link party, hope you'll join again! Take care - Dawn @ We Call It