Saturday, November 17, 2018

Christmas Preview. . .

Inspiration for the 2018 Celebration of Christmas On Crooked Creek
arrives many months before the actual Season approaches!

. . .and it comes from many different sources.

While enjoying our Annual Trout Fishing Trip
to Bennett Spring State Park, "Mr. Ed" and I
take one day and go shopping in Ozark, MO.

I adore an amazing Shoppe called Boomland Square!
. . .and I am often fortunate enough to see a preview
of their Christmas decor as it arrives at their Shoppe.

This year, as I began preparing the tabletops for 
our Celebration of Christmas On Crooked Creek,
I knew I wanted to reproduce this vignette styled
by the amazing Staff and designer extraordinaire,
owner Judie Reeves Pittman.

As I began prepping the surfaces, 
I lay out all the elements for reproducing
my version of this tabletop vignette.

I did try the lamp to the other side of the table,
but with the three corn planter disks
needed the lamp in this area to fill in a voided area.

Above my vintage sewing machine cabinet
hangs an incredible photo of a Winter Waterfall Scene.
Contained within that photo are the faces of five wolves.



I did use some of "Mr. Ed's" deer sheds.
The bits of  greenery and pine cone sprigs used
were purchased @ Boomland Square in my past visits.
A few additional pine cones inserted were those from Colorado.



This is the view of the vintage sewing machine cabinet
as viewed from On Crooked Creek's Dining Room.



I am quite pleased with how "Mr. Ed's" Gray Box
completes this tabletop vignette for our
2018 Celebration of Christmas On Crooked Creek.


This is the view from my comfortable chair and matching ottoman.



inspiration can 'strike' at any given moment throughout the year.

As it did with me on an Annual Trout Fishing Trip
. . .and an Annual Shopping Trip to Boomland Square!

With a few items recently purchased
. . .and a few items from my Christmas containers,
"Mr. Ed's" gray box, a few deer sheds and some Colorado pine cones
I am quite pleased with this tabletop vignette!

Until next time. . .

Saturday, November 10, 2018

O' Christmas Wreath. . .

Last year,
while browsing through Christmas posts,
I stumbled upon this simplistic cedar Christmas Wreath on Faded Charm Blog.

I was smitten!

Smitten by it's simplistic style.
Smitten by its stylistic beauty.

This simplistic, stylistic beautiful wreath is the solution
for our 2018 Celebration of Christmas On Crooked Creek's Front Door. 


Late in the Summer,
I snagged a simple grapevine wreath @ 50% off!

While I wasn't able to purchase faux cedar,
I did find some pine needle pics @ 50% off for our front door wreath!

I engaged "Mr. Ed's" help in making a wire hanger for the wreath.

I cut each branch away from the stem.

While I had my hot glue gun ready to attach the pics to the wreath,
it wasn't needed as the pine pics went easily into the grapevine.

A win ~ win for me,

in case I want to reuse the wreath in the near future.

I continued cutting the pics of each stem

and attaching them to the wreath in a counter clockwise direction.

The six pine needle stems were just the right amount
to achieve the reproduction of this simplistic Christmas Wreath.

For our 2018 Celebration of Christmas On Crooked Creek,
this simplistic, stylistic beautiful wreath
is the perfect solution for our front door.

And, yes!
I am smitten!

Until next time. . .