Wednesday, January 15, 2014

. . .And the List Goes On!

Visions keep bringing images to my brain!
. . . and the list goes on!

"Mr. Ed" and I are taking full advantage 
of the unseasonably warm temperatures On Crooked Creektt.

I have a rapidly growing list of projects for 2014

. . . and the list goes on,

. . . and the list goes on!

Spray painting and sanding during the warm afternoons
has several projects in various stages in our two~car garage.

While most of the cul~de~sac 
On Crooked Creektt slumbers in restful sleep,
I'm at my A Game with images to my brain!!!
Between 3 ~ 4 AM to be exact!

Hopeful that our registration form 
will be accepted for an upcoming "booth" space,
recently I've been sketching merchandise with a Vintage Flair!

. . . And the list goes on!
* Chicken wire photo frames

*Decorative chalkboards

* Posh Pillow Creations

. . . And the list goes on,
* Buttons

* Lace

* Silver

. . .and the list goes on

Until next time. . .


podso said...

You've got a lot of great ideas -- and I think you will be busy. I love the pillow --it all looks great and something people would like to buy.

Marigene said...

I can think of projects, but never seem to do any of them! Cute button pillow.
Have a great week, Pat.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

So excited for you Pat, I'll keep my fingers crossed! I love all your projects!!

bj said...

Here's hoping you are will be fun to work on all these projects for your booth. Good, good luck.
xoxo bj

bj said...

...back by to say thanks for the tip on the canned biscuits. We, like you, don't have them often, but we like to keep some on hand for Pig in the Blankets, dumplings for chicken and soups.....every now and then, however, a can will pop open in the fridge so I bake them up and have Cherry jelly...:))
Your comments always leave a NO REPLY in your email address space and I can't find email address on your blog...hmmmm......

Custom Comforts said...

My goodness - you do have a host of projects going on, but that's what you need if you're selling at a booth. I see why you have such a long list. Everything looks darling, but I especially like the button pillow. Good luck with your booth.

Little Miss Maggie said...

Great projects. I love the chicken wire frames with the clothes pins. Those are adorable and so is that fun little button pillow. I'm sure you will go to the top of the list for that booth space.