Saturday, April 18, 2020

NEW Spring Wreath. . .Tutorial

Staying home. . .staying safe. . .
                                                           does have its advantages!

Needing a change of scenery On Crooked Creek,
I spent some time in my creative space, Studio One.

Which resulted in a new Spring Wreath for On Crooked Creek's Front Door.

Come in,
and I'll take you through the process of changing my Christmas Wreath
into a refreshed and refined Spring Wreath On Crooked Creek!

* * * * Tutorial* * * * * 
Once I had taken off the red and white ticking stripe bow and ribbon,
I removed all of the faux evergreen pics.

Using what was in my storage tubs for Spring Florals,
I began with a wispy, faux green fern garland.

Once I had attached it with green florist's wire,
I began with a subtle color palette similar to On Crooked Creek's Gardens
of green, purple, white and soft buttery yellow.

I began at the bottom,
then moved to the top of the wreath and then to the right side,
using some Dollar Tree pics of green, and white flora
with soft buttery yellow berries.

Fairly satisfied with the flora placement,
I began filling in with random pics in white.

A few pics of lavender and several pops of a more vibrant yellow
gave the right balance of color I was seeking.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Spending time in Studio One was exactly what I needed for a change of pace.

Staying home. . .staying safe. . .
                                                            definitely has its advantages!

On Crooked Creek reaps the benefit of "social distancing"
of a new Spring Wreath for our front door!

Until next time. . .


Shelia said...

Hi Pat! Oh, your wreath is so pretty. I love how you have two places for the flowers. That's a very nice look. I pray you and Mr. Ed are staying safe and sound. Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)


What a pretty wreath dear Pat. I should try making one for my door, to welcome people, although, no one is coming lately, lol..
Course, our daughter and her family does, that's plenty for now.
I always pray at our Rosary gatherings for everyone I know and the world itself.
I want life to be back to normal again. My hubby says he can understand younger people wanting to open up their businesses and go back to work as well.
We're retired, but he says he can totally understand, he'd be going crazy had he still had he's ceramic factory.
Very difficult times and tough too.
Keep safe.