Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Deep in the Heart of Texas. . .

To celebrate our Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary, 
"Mr. Ed" and I took a road trip Deep in the Heart of Texas
to Fredericksburg.

We had the most wonderful stay at Lindsay's Haven,
a local Bed & Breakfast.

Step through the front door with me
and I'll give you a glimpse of this comfortable, English Cottage establishment.

Waiting just inside the front door
and resting on the shelf for our room keys,
was this petite vintage sterling silver vase filled with real roses.

Two twin beds, with the most comfortable mattresses
and gorgeous linens, made for a restful nights sleep.

I took full advantage of the lovely library on the shelves next to my chosen bed
and flipped through the pages of several gardening titles.

While a downpour rain storm took place our first night there,
"Mr. Ed" and I enjoyed watching Out of Africa,
from the amazing DVD selections.

I absolutely adored the elegantly set Table for Two!

The gorgeous vintage drop leaf table was beautifully
set with Chintz Rose dinnerware.

Two petite loaves of homemade banana bread
atop a crystal cake stand and an appealing hand painted  fruit tray
made a near still life portrait for our arrival.

A fragrant fresh rose and an anniversary card 
added such a personal touch to an otherwise formal table setting.

Our hostess, Mary, won "Mr. Ed's" heart with a fully stocked Coffee Bar.

A full bodied dark robust coffee was awaiting us,
along with a wide assortment of teas.

Extra dinnerware and glassware was stored directly above.

The wing back chairs were perfect for journaling, reading, relaxing
and television viewing or simply sharing conversation with each other.

On the mantle  of the intricate faux fireplace,
a petite blue Wedgwood plate held freshly baked Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Within the hearth,
 a basket of fresh begonias scented the air with a heavenly aroma.

Next to the Coffee Bar was a curtained hallway leading to the bathroom.

Directly outside of the bathroom was the mirror, shelf
and blow dryer area where I applied my make~up each morning.

Great use of a hallway space!
This area allowed me to leave the main bathroom free for "Mr. Ed's" needs.

The shelves above the toilet where perfect for housing our Cologne.

Lindsay's Haven is to the side of this beautifully owned home of our hostess, Mary.

I thoroughly enjoyed the views of Mary's private Gardens from the windows.

It was from an article that I read within my Winter 2018 Edition
of Cottage Journal, that "Mr. Ed" and I choose Fredericksburg, TX.
as our Fiftieth Anniversary celebration destination.

Although it was difficult to say "good~bye",
we will always remember our Fiftieth Anniversary spent
Deep in the Heart of Texas.

Until next time. . .


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Looks beautiful. Tucked away in a quiet spot in Fredericksburg? When we went to NC I tried to find some place like this coming and going, they are getting harder to find. Happy Anniversary!

Patty said...

Gorgeous Pat! A great find to celebrate your 50th anniversary! I must add, it was so wonderful to see you both!

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

What a nice place! Looks like it was a nice place to stay at. Great gardens!

Rita C at Panoply said...

Pat, how lovely to have your visit to my post on our urban loft, thank you! I want to wish you & Mr Ed a most blessed 50th anniversary! One of my Panoply sisters will celebrate hers in September and the other Panoply sister just did in 2017. It is a real privilege to see couples who make a marriage, withstanding the trials the years bring, and to live to see the fruits of the labors of love. Fredericksburg looked to be the perfect setting for a getaway, one I would thoroughly enjoy too! Happy Anniversary!