Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Traditional Kitchen Updates. . .

One of the least favorite spaces,
 in my 1970 Ranch Style Home On Crooked Creek,
 is my Galley Style Kitchen.

I will state that with many updates,
new appliances, wallpaper and accessories,
I find it much more enjoyable to navigate.

"Mr. Ed" & I added two vintage circular white ironstone plates,
from my collection, to the wall above the pocket door

to extend some of my favorite things within my Galley Style Kitchen.


I adore the change that adding two more ironstone plates
above the door makes within the space.


Arriving On Crooked Creek,
all of the kitchen cabinetry was the dark mahogany, like the pocket door.

During a huge and lengthy 'snow storm',
I painted them with Sherwin~Williams Paper White.

the dark mahogany trim and doors are throughout our 1970's Ranch Style Home,
so I chose to keep them for consistency throughout.

The gold hardware was spray painted with Rustoleum Flat Black.

With less than four feet between the two counter spaces,
this Galley Style Kitchen continues to provide challenges,
especially when entertaining family, friends and guests.

The left side of the Galley Style Kitchen holds the microwave,
range, toaster and refrigerator.

In this space,
I have placed my favorite Kitchen vignette!
The pear print was one of the first accessories purchased for the Kitchen!
Its frame color is the reason for the new hue in my Oster Toaster!

I did not change the back-splash tiles surrounding the Kitchen.
Their soft buttery hue and creamy ivory grout make them easy to accessorize.

Here you catch a glimpse of how the Traditional updates all blend together.

I chose a soft buttery ruffled yellow place mat
atop my microwave to blend the color palette
and soften the harsh black box.

The petite size of this lidded tureen makes it the perfect size
for 'hiding' an electrical outlet behind the microwave.

I chose a TJ Maxx $3 creamy ivory tray 
to hold my "TO DO" list and pen.

I often use my heirloom silver within On Crooked Creek's Kitchen and Dining Room, these silver trays all were reasonably purchased at an Antique Shop.

It appeared the owner had attended an Estate $ale
as so many of them are of the same pattern.

The Sunbeam timer was gifted to me by our sons from a Christmas long ago.

I kept the grounding of black in my large and small appliances throughout.

"Mr. Ed " & I are both coffee drinkers,
so~o~o. . .naturally a Coffee Bar of sorts is a must!

The heirloom silver condiment (ketchup) container
holds vintage silver garage $ale find teaspoons.

I adore these ribbed 'to go' coffee cups with lids!
The ribbing allows you to carry the coffee minus one of those cardboard sleeves.

This Coffee Center 12-cup Coffeemaker and Single-Serve Brewer from Cuisinart
is a combination birthday present to "Mr. Ed" & I from ourselves.

I love that the hue matches our Oster toaster!

The light fixture above the sink was replaced during our Kitchen make~over.

The vintage silver serving fork and spoon prints were created by "Mr. Ed" and I
using scrapbooking papers and sage green French silk ribbon from Studio One.

This side of the Galley Style Kitchen is truly the 'work horse'
of everything good that comes from within this challenging space.

I love using batter bowls!

I was thrilled to find this Mason Cash batter bowl
on a recent trip to Nell Hill's Briarcliff in Kansas City!

My 1970's Galley Style Kitchen has come a long way
from the original Harvest Gold Refrigerator and Range,
Avocado Green paisley print wall paper and Gold hardware.

The first design change was to Traditional Waverly Fruit Motif Wallpaper
in Tuscan red and golds when I first arrived On Crooked Creek.

A small addition of two more ironstone plates
makes a huge impact to On Crooked Creek's Galley Style Kitchen.

More and more, I am settling into this petite challenging space
that comes with a Galley Style Kitchen by using a lighter and brighter color palette
and adding additional Traditional updates every chance I get.

Until next time. . .


At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Pat, everything is so neat and orderly and well put together! My favorite thing in the room are the silver utensils on the frames...truly a unique addition to the lovely room.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

May be a galley but you have great counter space. How do you keep that rug clean? Either it is Greta or we are just slobs, I can not keep kitchen rugs clean. The Ironstone looks great with your beautiful wallpaper. Seems Ironstone is really in right versitile!

Jaybird said...

It looks LOVELY!!! I have the same kitchen in Texas, except I have off white walls and old "biscuit" appliances. The ironstone collection is on the walls and on some shelves that we hung. I too painted old brass hardware with matte black paint, and it has held up well!
I love your home and was tickled to see that we had the same crazy kitchen!! Since there are about 38 people on one side of the family, the room is a workhorse! I also smiled at your coffee cups...I have ribbed ones as well, only mine are red and black lumberjack plaid!
Thank you for sharing your pretty kitchen!