Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Entertaining Thoughts. . .

As On Crooked Creektt's 2015's renewal projects begin to wind down,
I'm entertaining thoughts of Annual Vacation with "Mr. Ed".

"Mr. Ed" works so~o~o very hard entertaining me with the process of all the many 'projects' I have going on in my head at any given hour of any given day, 
that our Annual Vacation is in fact more of a respite for him. . .
and a couples retreat for the two of us.

This Annual Vacation date is an entire week later this year,
so that we may visually savor all the beauty that the area foliage has to offer.

With those same amazing Autumnal hues of gold, green, orange and rust,
I set an Autumnal Carpenter's Box tablescape. 

Featuring "Mr. Ed's" handmade tool box filled with glorious hued hydrangea
and maple leaves combined with "Mr. Ed's" Trout Fishing dinnerware,
I'm entertaining thoughts of Annual vacation!

I placed half of the brown and gold stripe linen cloth napkin on the table.
Allowing the other half of the napkin to drape off the side 
of a linen honey gold tablecloth appeals to a more casual approach to dining.

I added our wooden handled flatware that was purchased
for daily use during our 'tours of duty' while residing in Germany.

I began layering the Rainbow Trout print dinner plate. . .

 followed by the Rainbow Trout print salad / dessert plate. . .

and completed with a mug of the same printed motif.

I adore the richness of the brown rim 
atop a creamy ivory background lined with a band of green.

The center of each plate, whether dinner or salad / dessert,
features the Rainbow Trout "Mr. Ed" nets each year.
Along the band, is a fly rod complete with line test and a selected fly.

To fill our Rainbow Trout mugs to the brim with steaming hot beverage,
I chose my Pumpkin Tea Pot and Autumnal creamer and lidded sugar bowl.
To accentuate the petite size, I placed it atop a wooden lazy susan.

At each end of the carpenter's box,
I placed a marbled fretwork teardrop shaped candle holder.

To balance the table,
I placed fresh seasonal fruit of Gala apples,  ripe peaches 
and my all time favorite, a Boch pear.

One of the most unique features of this wooden bowl
are the three tiny knobbed feet beneath that hold it one inch off the tabletop.

Inside, I placed a vibrant orange cloth napkin
with soft creamy ivory, yellow and green floral motif.

On Crooked Creektt's Family Room Dining Area
is entertaining thoughts of a much desired Annual Vacation 
along the banks of Bennett Spring State Park in Lebanon, Missouri.

Until next time. . .

On Crooked Creektt will be joining

And. . .

And. . .

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And. . .

Each and every week,
seeds of inspiration bloom from these host and hostesses linky parties.
Be sure to visit and delight your family dwelling with brilliant interior design.


At Rivercrest Cottage said...

love those fish plates. Don't know why, but I have a thing for fish right now.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Well I am glad Mr Ed has his own dinnerware! Love the look of the brown striped napkins. Hydrangeas are so easy to use so many times of year because of their color changes. Beautiful table once again!

Martha said...

Love your tabelscape ! Enjoy your respite! There is nothing like a midwestern fall for color!

Diane said...

Gorgeous table and love all the pictures.

Hugs Diane

Barb @ Bella Vista said...

Hi Pat, your table is just wonderful....filled with so many sweet details. Love those plates!

Enjoy your Fall time together....such a blessing.


Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

How sweet of you to set such a lovely table with all the things to remind you both of your annual vacation! The plates are so pretty and I LOVE the wooden handled flatware. The bowl with the tiny feet is fabulous! I have a similiar pumpkin tea set! I will have to bring it out soon! Have a beautiful weekend, pat and Mr. Ed!!!!

Patricia Krank said...

Dear Pat - An annual vacation spot is something very special. When Kelly's parents had their vacation home at Long Beach, WA we used to vacation there with the girls and still have such happy memories of that place. We also used to go regularly to Leavenworth, a little Bavarian style town in Eastern Washington. I'm thinking that here in South Carolina we may have to find another spot that we make our "own". We will be checking out Tybee Island in October with some friends flying in from Washington and some new friends we've made here. Wish you could join us too!

I love all your Fall decor my friend, especially your wooden handled flatware. It is amazing, and kind of rustic French in appearance, which I love! Let me know when you want to sell it!

Have fun on your upcoming vacation dear lady,

Gina said...

Enjoy your vacation! The table looks wonderful!

Marigene said...

What a great table for the men in our lives! I am going to do one with ducks, soon. I love those trout plates, just looking at them makes my mouth water for a nice trout dinner.
Have a great week, Pat.