Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Blogland Tour. . .

Dear Ones,
I have not been linking to any parties. . .
My father's failing health is taking my priorities at the present time.
So~o~o. . . I had no idea that a Tour in the Land of Blog was taking place.
That is, until my dear friend, Ann @  A Sentimental Life tagged me to join in!

Somehow, I sense that Ann knew I needed a diversion.
Thank you, dear one, for tagging me for A Blogland Tour. . .

*) How I got started?
As is the same for many of you,
my Church Family is the extended family gifted to me by my Heavenly Father.

I had become quite dissatisfied with the choice of magazines available
when several of my favorites were no longer in publication
or had changed contributing editors, which changes the focus of the magazine.

My dear friend, Glenda had mentioned that I check out some blogs.
Ladies, I didn't even know what a Blog was.
But, Glenda told me that one of my Choir Members, 
also my Circle Sister had a Blog and that I should have a visit.

It soon became a ritual every Monday morning,
I poured an ample helping of Dark Colombian Coffee
and began my day with  Pammie Jo and Friends.
It is Pam, who encouraged me to use a blog as an outlet for my creative writing.

Chancel Choir July 2009
My friend, Pam, is pictured in the second row to your right, 
at the end (yellow top).
I am seated in the front row to your left, 
second from the end (green top and denim plants).

**) What Am I Working On Now?

As stated above, 
my main priority is to spend as much time as possible
with my Dad who lives 3 1/2 hours away.

My Dad, Mac, and I on his 91st Birthday 2013.

In addition to making numerous trips across 54 Highway each month,
"Mr. Ed" and I are currently in the process 
of replacing the  original dark ceramic "tiger eye" with black grout
in the Entry Hall of our 1970's Ranch Style Home.

Before. . .July 2014.

Also, we are busily creating and designing merchandise for our
Bits 'n Pieces Booth as we prepare to participate in the 
20th Annual Unique Antique Market ~ Fall Show~.

The above photos are a few taken of our single vendor booth
for the 20th Annual Unique Antique Market ~ Spring Show~.

***) How Does My Work Differ From Others?

I enjoy creating vignettes within my home
utilizing a blend of heirlooms and newly acquired accessories.

I had an interest in Art during my Junior High School years.
Having already received private tutoring for two years prior on Bb Clarinet, 
I was given an alternative to choose between the two electives.
With a deep passion for instrumental and vocal music, Band won my choice.

I continue to participate in our Church Chancel and Liturgical Choirs.
I still own and practice my Bb Clarinet.

Combined Chancel and Liturgical Choirs
Palm Sunday 2014.
(Second from the left, front row)

However, my MoMa purchased a still life watercolor 
of an up and coming Art Student during my childhood by Friedlinger J.
which always intrigued me. 
To this very day, I can not draw a straight line, 
but I have always had an eye for arranging items within a limited space.

The heirloom still life watercolor sits atop my refrigerator 
in On Crooked Creektt's Galley Style Kitchen.

As I listen to Classical Piano Music, the inner artistry flows from my soul 
and is outwardly reflected within my home decor.

My canvas is my home.

****) Why Do I Write? /
****) Why Do I Create What I Do?

Prior to my retirement,
I was employed at our local Antique and Gift Shop
as Design Assistant and Window Dresser.
The tutorials of creating and designing a vignette 
are for my many close friends and loyal customers who follow my blog.

I love decorating my home during my favorite seasons and holidays.
I adore the awakening that Spring brings to the Prairie,
however, my favorite season is Autumn! 

Easter and Christmas are my favorite holidays. 
Being December born, I love snow and hanging high the holly throughout
both the upper and lower levels On Crooked Creektt!

*****) How Does My Writing Process Work?
The main objectives of my writing process are to encourage, 
inspire and uplift my followers and readers.

As I share challenges since leaving our "dream home" 
and continuing our journey On Crooked Creektt,
it is my hope that, together, we will be able to overcome obstacles 
we face in making our homes comforting and inviting.

As I continue to interject my Traditional Style Decor within my blog,
editing collections, expanding favorite collections and beginning new collections
it is still the friendships that I will cherish most in The Land of Blog.

So~o~o. . . that the  Blogland Tour will continue,

I must pass it on to 3!

Amy @ All Things Home
" I am a home school mama,
wanna be farm girl,
and a lover of timeless trasures." Amy.

Photo courtesy All Things Home.

Brooke @ Creative Country Mom's Garden
I collect vintage roses and enjoy a cottage, 
grandma's-style, rambling mess of a garden...
but I would not have it any other way!" Brooke

Photo courtesy Creative Country Mom's Garden.

Christine @ Rustic and Refined 
"Sharing creativity, decorating,
Tablescapes and DIY." Christine

Photo courtesy Rustic and Refined.

be it noted that you have been tagged to participate in A Blogland Tour!

Until next time. . .


Patty Marker said...

I loved hearing a little about you and yes, your writing and blog is always so uplifting. I will keep you and your father in prayer my dear friend. Patty

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Good girl!!
Loved learning new things about you. Love love the silver centerpiece in your Christmas pictures.
Take care traveling so much and getting ready for the show.
Glad you get to spend time with your dear Daddy, sending hugs and prayers your way dear one.

Martha said...

Sorry to hear about your father. Loved getting to know you a little better!

podso said...

I enjoyed this Pat. Always enjoy your beautiful blue dishes! Thinking of you with your dad.

Christine Graves said...

Wow so many great shots of your home and your wonderful Dad...and thank you for the shout out!!!

I will try and return the favor as soon as possible and keep the blogger love going!

Have a great weekend Pat!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

My dear Pat! I just adored learning more about you, your home, your interest and how you started blogging! What a beautiful post, my friend!!! xo