Sunday, March 3, 2019

My Favorite Things. . .2019 March, Vol. 3

I love Silver!

I even love polishing silver!


I get a thrill out of seeing the amazing transformation
that takes place when a tarnished, blackened piece of silver
turns to a shiny, bright piece of Silver!

By keeping and using those pieces that I adore,
the third in my post of My Favorite Things , 
is my collection of heirloom and vintage silver pieces.

These unique pieces of art work,
placed above the sink in On Crooked Creek's Galley Style Kitchen,
were made by "Mr. Ed" & I using mismatched Silver flatware serving pieces.

Using Silver candlestick holders and flatware
adds a touch of elegance to On Crooked Creek's daily dining.

Many of my selective Silver collections have come from Flea Market
and Garage $ale purchases, such as my Salt and Pepper Shaker Collection.

I adore the harmoniously blending
that both my Silver flatware and my Silver Salt and Pepper Shakers
bring to this luxurious Crystal and Silver Tablescape
within On Crooked Creek's Dining Room.

My most photographed, of My Favorite Things
has to be my heirloom Silver Coffee Service gifted to me by my Dad.

This Silver Coffee Service originally belonged to my MoMa.
I replaced the small round tray with a more regal footed Silver Tray.


One of my least expensive Silver purchases

was this Silver Tea Service reminiscent of my Grandmother's. 

Last, in My Favorite Things,
are the many Silver Trays I have collected through the  years.

These are one of the most utilitarian decor pieces
within On Crooked Creek's creative designs.

The finale to My Favorite Things,
is the beautiful Silver Wine Carafe gifted to me by a dear friend
as she moved from Kansas to Michigan a few years ago.

Shiny, brightly polished silver 
will sometimes grace On Crooked Creek's Dining Room table. 

One thing is a given,
you will find My Favorite Things, Silver, used throughout my home.

My love of Silver comes from my childhood.

My MoMa had an open, solid maple, Early American style hutch.
The shelves were lined with her many pieces of Silver.

Many a Saturday, my Sister and I cleaned and polished that Silver.

The same Silver I now polish for my own home On Crooked Creek.

I love Silver!

Until next time. . .


bj said...

You have some lovely silver pieces. I have a few silver spoons that were my mothers but that's all. Oh, wait, I do have 2 silver trays but use them so seldom, I almost forgot them. I like my silver shiny, too. A lot of bloggers like the blackened stage but not I....
Have a good rest of the week, dear one.

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Your silver is so lovely with the table settings.