Monday, October 24, 2016

Sunday Dinner. . .

On Crooked Creektt,
"Mr. Ed" and I don't let much time go by 
without sharing a meal with our son and daughter~in~law!

This month's Sunday Dinner was held this past weekend.

Something new for On Crooked Creektt's design
was to place the centerpiece to the back of the table 
while placing the four chairs on one side and both ends.
This allowed for free flowing conversation at our heirloom dining room table.

I wanted a more ' casual' setting for our intimate gathering.

* * * * * * * Tutorial * * * * * * *
I began my placing my Ralph Lauren Tablecloth atop my heirloom table.

I placed a felt black Autumnal decor runner to the center back of the table
and placed "Mr. Ed's" wooden box atop the runner.

I added four scalloped quilted place mats in vivid Autumnal hues
around the outer perimeter of the table.

Using our everyday dinnerware,
I placed the folded paisley side of the matching cloth napkins 
between the dinner and dessert / salad plate for a more 'casual' appeal.

* * * * * * * Tip * * * * * * *

When purchasing cloth napkins, 
be sure to fold, then observe for pattern repeats. 
I have three with green blossoms and three with paisley swirl repeat.
I would have preferred all six to have the green blossom.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Perfect for combining with my 'casual' appealing tablescape,
I added these green handled Gibson stainless steel flatware set of four
that I purchased at a Garage $ale many years ago for a dollar.

For added ease in cleaning up,
I'm using our everyday clear bubble glass stemware.

Both the dinnerware and the stemware are dishwasher safe!

Although, "Mr. Ed" and I don't usually add 
additional seasonings to our food at the table, our son most often does.

Keeping that in mind,
I placed the salt and pepper shakers used during his childhood and youth
on a tray with some over sized textural acorns.

Smaller textural acorns, purchased at Pier 1,
fill our dessert / salad plate and could easily be used for place cards.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What's On Crooked Creektt's Menu?
Baked Ham, scalloped potatoes, a green salad, dinner rolls 
and homemade apple pie served with iced tea and coffee!

On Crooked Creektt. . .
sharing time with family is my ultimate goal. 

Until next time. . .

On Crooked Creektt will be joining

And. . .

And. . .

And. . .

And. . .

And. . .

And. . .

And. . .

And. . .

As you visit the above host and hostesses,
may you come away filled with inspiring ideas
for use within your own home décor.



Beautiful, warm and inviting ! I love White with the Fall burnt orange
very elegant. Lovely heirloom table too. The centerpiece is perfect.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Great idea, thinking outside the box. Seems you made more room for a centerpiece and still had room on the table for everything else. Love the giant acorns!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Ham and scalloped potatoes sound just perfect for this weather. The acorns are cute and add a bit of mischief to the setting. Will be trying to change up the typical everyone on a side way we always do it. Looks fun!

podso said...

A cozy Sunday dinner. It's nice to see people still practicing that tradition. I like the autumn look of your table and the menu sounds delicious, my friend!

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

Love all the layers you created with your tablescape. The black runner is a great piece- a real keeper! I trust you all had a wonderful meal together!

Rita C. said...

Pat, this is such a pretty tablescape! I love how you've set all the guests around the outside perimeter and Mr. Ed's wooden box toward the back. Very nice, and effective use of the space! Love the textiles, including the textural acorns. Dinner sounds delicious too!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Very pretty fall table and having sunday dinner together is so special. Thanks for sharing at DI&DI.

Jann Olson said...

Dear Pat, sharing time with family is always wonderful. You've set such a lovely warm and inviting table. Everything is just perfect! I love wool, so the runner especially caught my eye. I am working on a wool mat for Christmas. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with SYC.

The Charm of Home said...

Pat how pretty the tablescape is. I love the napkins! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

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