Saturday, November 1, 2014

Stylin' In Studio One. . .Part II

As promised,
the stylin' in Studio One continues.

I was quite smitten with the subtle pastel hues 
and exquisite floral pattern of this creamer and lidded sugar bowl. 

This exquisite set is Bavarian China with a castle 
and the word VISSA  Germany Hand painted marking on the underneath side.

I consult a host of publications during the designing and creating process.
Having a coffee/tea bar set~up in Studio One allows one time to linger.

Styled not only for visual appeal, but also for utilitarian purposes,
the coffee/tea bar is located directly behind my work station.

This small console table has been a 'work in progress'
for quite some time. 

Still having a few more processes to complete,
It is my hope that it will be ready for re$ale in our 2015 Bits ' Pieces booth.

Stylin' with a  touch from the Victorian Era 
gently urges me to continue designing handmade cards with a vintage flair
and a host of other paper creations.

Stylin' in Studio One. . .
                                            it's a 'Good Thing". . .
                                                                           On Crooked Creektt.

Until next time. . .

* * * * * * * FYI * * * * * * *
An Update on "Mr. Ed" :
Dear Ones,
With a grateful heart, I thank each of you for your prayers,
kind thoughts and words of inspiration On Crooked Creektt
and my Facebook Page.

"Mr. Ed's" surgery was a success and he is home recovering.
Two weeks until he can drive, but already we have seen 
great improvement, especially in the color of his face.

It has been indeed a difficult time for us, but through your
friendship, this entire process had been made a bit easier for us.
I am continually blessed with the bonds of friendship that have
been developed in The Land of Blog.

On Crooked Creektt will be joining

Susan @ Between Naps On The Porch for Metamorphosis Monday!

And. . .

Christine @ Rustic and Refined for Table It!

And. . .

Jody and Stan @ Rooted In Thyme for Simple and Sweet Fridays!

Be sure to visit each of these host and hostesses
for inspiring ideas to use within your own home decor!

1 comment:

Rita C. said...

Pat, so grateful to hear Mr. Ed's surgery went well. I take it they must have been able to clear the artery, based on your comment of his face color improving. Your studio is lookin' good with your latest changes. These two weeks shouldn't be so hard to take it easy, seeing as how the temps have cooled to where being inside seems the coziest alternative!
Happy November, and best wishes for Mr. Ed's continued progress.