Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Merry "Little Christmas" Tablescape. . .

One of the greatest inspirations this Christmas On Crooked Creektt 
comes from nature's bounty and Mother Nature herself.

Mimicking the boxwood bush in our Garden,
faux boxwood wreaths tied with poofy creamy ivory ribbons
adorn the backs of our Dining Room chairs.

In keeping with my subtle color palette for Christmas On Crooked Creektt,
I've created a simplistic Merry "Little Christmas" Tablescape.

One of my favorite features of my everyday white porcelain dinnerware 
is the reminiscent snowflake pattern I visualize in the dessert/salad plate.

I adore how our everyday Oneida stainless flatware beading 
matches the beaded trim around the dinner plate.

Our clear bubble glass stemware appears to be ice crystals 
frozen on Christmas Eve!

But. . .
the best feature of all. . .they are all dishwasher safe!!!

I've paired my everyday porcelain white china with my
Gold Crown Alliance, Ohio, Semi~Vitreous Lifetime China 
for a pleasing ambiance and to continue the subtle color palette.

The tablecloth is freshly starch white linen
combined with a ecru linen place mat and soft aqua cloth napkin.

A wooden napkin ring keeps the balance of natural elements.

Placing a silver compote bowl atop a silver tray 
keeps the centerpiece contained and mobile for necessary serving space.

I filled  the compote with soft caramel and gold ornaments.
I simply removed their metal ornament hanger.
Replacing them with satin and sheer ribbon adds a touch of elegance!

A round centerpiece on a round table,
no matter how elegant, can appear dwarfed.

To give a more pleasing visual appearance,
I extended the centerpiece by adding a sprig of faux evergreen on either side. 

To add another dimension to the tablescape,
I used silver ornament place card holders.

Placing them atop the pip berry candle rings
softens the edges and gives addition height.

The Dining Room On Crooked Creektt is nearing completion 
as we prepare to have ourselves a Merry "Little Christmas" this year.

View Star Rains Its Fire. . .
for more photos of On Crooked Creektt's
Dining Room Hutch seen in the background.

View Hang High The Holly. . .
for a Tutorial of
On Crooked Creektt's Chandelier.

Until next time. . .

On Crooked Creektt will be joining

Kathleen @ Cuisine Kathleen for Let's Dish!

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ideas for use in your own home decor!


Debra Oliver said...

beautiful soft colors look so lovely with your wonderful china!! and YES, we've got a bunch of bad weather on the way!

Sharlotte said...

Hi Pat,
I LOVE, LOVE your china! I've been looking around for a set...still hunting! Your table is gorgeous, so calming in this busy, busy season!
Thank so much for sharing!

podso said...

Absolutely elegant and beautiful, Pat. And there's those lovely blue and white dishes again!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

What a gorgeous table. Just love the silver centerpiece and the china, the pale colors look so good with the white.
The little wreaths are adorable on the chairs, I decorated the chairs once, Heidi ate them! Don't want to try it with "destructo" Greta!

Marigene said...

What a beautiful elegant table. Pat, I love those aqua dishes and drool every time you show them to us.
Have a wonderful week, Pat.

Pondside said...

How beautiful it all looks. I've been offline for some time, and was happy to see that I can now comment on your blog. For a time I was unable to do so - something to do with Google+. Lovely to be able to let you know I enjoyed your post.

bj said...

O, your centerpiece is sooo elegant. I just love it. Your entire table is very pretty.
I haven't done a Christmas table as yet. I may...and I may not, this year.
xo bj

Kathleen said...

So lovely and delicate! It looks so elegant! Thanks for linking to Let's Dish!

Clotee S said...

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!
Bring you Good wishes of happiness.

Sorry for greeting you earlier,, just don't want miss saying this.
By the way, I'm clotee. It's my first time visiting your blog. I am blogger too, and now try my best luck to open an e-store. Nice to know you.